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Funding: Unit Funded
CIN/CDP: B-300-0038/652P

Purpose: Provides selected Medical Corps, Nurse Corps, Dental Corps, and Medical Service Corps officers familiarization with the principles, management, and treatment of acute chemical/biological warfare injuries in the operational environment. This course is clinically intensive.

Satisfies MAP requirements for Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties. Candidates assigned to the operating forces or one of the following mobilization platforms have priority for quotas.

  1. Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR)
  2. Casualty Receiving and Treatment Ships (CRTS)
  3. T-AH
  4. EMF
  5. FDPMU

Scope: This course is taught at two separate sites. Phase 1, the chemical portion, is conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Phase 2, the biological portion, is conducted at Fort Detrick, MD. The course includes classroom instruction, laboratories for patient diagnosis, treatment and procedures, and field training exercises.

Length: 06 days Classes/yr: 04 

Location: Phase 1 - Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.  Phase 2 - Fort Detrick, MD

NOTE: Gas Mask inserts (if needed) are required for class attendance!

How to apply:

Active Duty: Send pdf version of the signed nomination letter, via encrypted email, to the NMOTC Operational Medicine Short Course Coordinator at:

Reservist: Send pdf of the signed nomination letter along with your Reserve Education & Training Request Form to the Reserve Liaison office at:

For more information about MCBC and/or nomination procedures, please contact the Operational Short Course Coordinator at NMOTC.


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