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Funding: Unit funded

CIN/CDP: B-300-0023/652T

Target Audience: Active Duty and Reserve Navy Line Corpsmen or other Joint or Allied equivalent medical assets operating in support of Ground Combat Elements. Open to Marines who have completed Combat Life Saver/Tactical Combat Casualty Care and other operational non-medical personnel and Medical Staff Officers as course capacity allows.

Purpose: To provide knowledge and field skills needed to support their units in a mountainous combat environment.

Satisfies MAP requirements for field medical orientation. Candidates for this training must be assigned to the operating forces or one of the following mobilization platforms:
Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR), M+1 augmentation with a valid BSC training requirement.

Scope: This course of instruction is designed to bring the student to a high standard of technical and medical proficiency particular to a mountainous environment. The course subjects cover movement, bivouac routine, leadership, diagnosing, treating, and preventing high altitude and/or cold weather related illnesses and injuries, vertical raising and lowering of casualties, wilderness first responder topics, and techniques of transporting casualties in complex, compartmentalized, mountainous, and/or medium to high altitude terrain.

Prerequisite: Hospital Corpsmen is pay grades E3-E9, must have attended Field Medical Service School (FMSS) and possess NEC: 8404 and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Medical Officers attached to operational units are encouraged to attend. Any other applicants will be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Course OIC. Students must provide a medical sign off sheet verifying they are fit for full duty, provide documented score (PRIMS print out) of at least Excellent on their most recent physical fitness assessment (PFA). MTX Marines are space-A and must have TCCC.

Length: 21 days Classes/yr: 03

Location: Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA. UIC: 64495

Physical Conditioning: A passing score on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test must be achieved within the first three days of the course to continue training. The course is held in a physically and mentally demanding mountainous environment. Elevation of training ranges from 6,500 to 9,500 ft. Students will be required to conduct long range movements over mountainous terrain with 70lb packs. Outstanding cardiovascular fitness is required.

How to apply:

Active Duty:
Send pdf version of the signed nomination letter, via encrypted email, to the NMOTC Operational Medicine Short Course Coordinator at: A PRIMS print-out of the most recent PRT results must be included with the nomination letter. Results of "Excellent" or above is required to attend this course.

Reservist: Send pdf of the signed nomination letter along with your Reserve Education & Training Request Form to the Reserve Liaison office at: Your most recent PRT results MUST be included on the Request Form. Results of "Excellent" or above is required to attend this course.

For more information on MMED and/or nomination procedures, please contact the Operational Short Coordinator via email at


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