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Welcome to the Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide

The focus of the Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide is to explain the medical and physical standards required for aviation duty. As with previous editions, this reference is published as an supplement to the Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED) and as a service to the Aeromedical community. This publication serves as a guide that reflects MANMED, NATOPS, and NASA instructions and requirements for flight duty. It is designed to help the Flight Surgeon and aviation medical technicians manage the challenging cases and routine administrative tasks of aviation medicine. Every effort has been made to ensure the information presented is in accordance with current aviation medicine guidelines and MANMED. Some of the standards and policies published in the Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide (ARWG) reflect forthcoming changes approved by BUMED or future changes to MANMED. If any information in the waiver guide appears to conflict with MANMED, please contact NAMI Code 342 for guidance and clarification on that subject. Progress, research and changes in aviation medicine concepts will results in periodic changes to this guide. Updates to this guide will be posted on the NAMI Web Page as soon as possible and when approved by BUMED. Suggestions for revisions, improvements or changes should be sent to NAMI Code 342 for review and consideration. The current ARWG is also available on the Word Wide Web at the BUMED 23 and NAMI Home Page.


*Attention: For NAMI Code 342 Faxes, please only use 850-452-2708.


Physical Qualifications
340 Hulse Road
Attn : Code 53HN
Pensacola, FL 32508
850-452-2187 or 850-452-4272


Additional information, an AERO tutorial, and a link to the AERO Log In screen is available below and on the Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office page.


This edition of the Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide (ARWG) features some new hyperlinks, as seen in many interactive Internet sites. Some of these features were not available in previous editions. In moving forward and setting the pace towards a tri-service aviation medicine waiver guide, hyperlinks to the Air Force waiver guide and aviation physical standards [ AFI 48-123 ] and the US Army Aeromedical Center have also been added. This edition in its entirety is the most current in a few years, and is in the ongoing process of being updated and re-written. As such, we are always open to ideas or suggestions for improvement. Any suggestions, comments, or request for additional revisions to this edition should be forwarded to NAMI Code 342.


Waiver Guide Topics




AERO includes a HIPAA-complaint secure internal messaging system that is recommended as the preferred way to communicate with NAMI. It can be accessed from the Messaging option in your Tools menu on the Patient Search screen. Alternatively, from a Patient Home or Data Entry/Encounter Home screen, look for the menu option Msg Re: Patient or Msg Re: Encounter. Clicking these will open a new message with the patient or encounter information automatically referenced. Simply address, add your message text, and send. The following are key points of contact:

  1. For AERO account/access issues, updated HIPAA training certificates, notification that you have uploaded additional info, and general help desk:
  2. For AERO process/functionality questions/errors:
  3. For AERO requests for encounter modifications after submission:
  4. For AERO requests to expedite a package:


Physical Qualifications
340 Hulse Road
Attn: Code 53HN
Pensacola, FL 32508
850-452-2187 or 850-452-4272 (DSN 459)


If you have any problems opening these files please right-click on them with your mouse and choose "Save Target As" to save them to your computer. Then open the file after it is downloaded

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Physical Worksheet
SAAR form to include security clearance information
AERO Request to be filled out and signed by member and CO/OIC/Dept Head or SMO
Aeromedical Summary Template
Continuation of DD 2807-1 Special Aviation Applicant (revised October 2014)
Report of Medical History (DoD Exception to SF93) (revised March 2015)
Report of Medical Examination (DoD Exception to SF88)
Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information
Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty
Abbreviated Aeromedical Examination (revised June 2021)
PRK / Lasik AMS Template - PDF (Sept 2017)
Report of Medical Examination (DoD Exception to SF88) Completely editable for full functionality
Request form for PRK/LASIK at your regional center.
Pregnancy Summary
 (revised November 2014)
Naval Aerospace Medical Institute ENT Hearing Questionnaire
Medical Screening for Class III Flight Deck Personnel and Personnel who Maintain Aviator Night Vision Standards
OSA Continuation Waiver

AERO: Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office

The Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office (AERO) is a web-based DOD system used jointly by the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, and Navy. AERO is the program/method utilized for aeromedical submissions to NAMI(53HN) Physical Qualifications. Historical waiver information and electronic physical exam (EPE) data are ONLY accessible through AERO. Access to AERO requires a functional CAC Card. If you have not yet established your AERO account, then please do so by following the instructions below:

  1. In order to request access to AERO, please click here.
  2. Fill out all information. After the User information screen, you'll be prompted three times to upload documents: HIPAA, OPNAV 5239/14 and AERO Request Form. Please upload them at this time. They have to be in 3 separate pdf files. An e-mail will be sent once your account has been approved.
  3. You may access the AERO Tutorial, AMS Tutorial, Navy Physical Classes, and How to Check Facility Submissions here.
  4. You may access the AERO login screen by clicking here.
Per the Manual of the Medical Department(MMD) Chapter 15-71 and 15-78, all flight physicals (designated or candidate) which require BUMED endorsement through NAMI, shall be submitted via AERO


7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone Numbers:
Telephone(Local): (770) 396-3898
Telephone(Toll-Free): 800-917-2081
Fax: (770) 396-3790
COE is the institutional accrediting body for the NMFSC AOR and is available for students and staff who have
submitted issues through normal grievance channels but feel that their grievance is still unresolved.

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