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Navy Trauma Training Center (NTTC)

Mission Statement/Description

NTTC’s mission is to provide advanced trauma training in support of military units across the range of combat operations by enhancing combat trauma skills and medical readiness for military medical personnel. This mission is accomplished through a military/civilian partnership established in 2002 with Los Angeles General Medical Center. 

Located just east of downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles General Medical Center (LA General) is a 650-bed Level-1 Trauma Center. LA General provides an ideal trauma training environment with over 25,000 trauma evaluations and over 6,000 trauma admissions annually. The medical staff at LA General is comprised of world-renowned teaching faculty as part of the Keck School of Medicine. 

NTTC is committed to providing didactic and clinical trauma exposure that enhances trauma knowledge and skills. The course is designed to afford students the opportunity to work alongside LA General and NTTC staff while caring for critically ill and injured patients. The training schedule includes clinical shifts, formal didactics, case discussions, high fidelity simulations, trauma skills labs, and fresh tissue dissection labs.

How to sign up for NTTC

How to sign up for NTTC course for Navy service members:

To apply for NTTC reach out to your POMI or DTP. In accordance with LA General Medical Center (LAGMC), all NTTC students must complete a medical screening and criminal background check. 

How to sign up for NTTC course for Joint/Non-Navy service members:

Slots are prioritized to Navy ERSS and EXMEDs. To fully support non-Navy personnel at NTTC, send an RFS to Director of Trauma Training Programs to be routed through the appropriate channels (


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