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Welcome, from the Officer in Charge

Congratulations on your selection to the Joint Special Operations Medical Institute at Fort Liberty (formally Fort Bragg), North Carolina. You will be enrolled in the most challenging enlisted combat medicine course in the military. The skills taught here have saved lives on the battlefield and upon graduation you will have the same ability. There is no greater honor than saving a life – especially when that life belongs to an injured teammate.

Our expectation is that you will arrive here ready to study and apply yourself to the academic and practical training. Your expectation of us should be to help you succeed in this endeavor and we are committed to that end. Our mission is to train the best of special operations producing highly skilled combat medics and corpsmen – we accomplish that mission every day.

Read the information provided on this web site acquainting you with the Fort Liberty (formally Fort Bragg) area and schoolhouse. Please contact us if you have any questions

I look forward to meeting you. Welcome aboard.

Request a Sponsor

If you have just received orders to the Naval Special Operations Medical Institute, a Welcome Aboard package will be sent to you. To help us assess your needs and assign a command sponsor, please complete the Sponsor Request Form, located HERE.

Command Sponsorship Program

POC: HM1 Robert Castillo

Phone: 910-396-8048


Getting Onboard - NSOMI Ft. Bragg Information

Useful Links

Relocation Information

Local Weather

Reporting Aboard

Military & Civilian Personnel

  • Working hours: 6:30-17:00
  • Admin department phone number: 910-432-1268
  • Local Quarterdeck: 910-396-0089

Mailing Address

Officer in Charge
Naval Special Operations Medical Institute
3004 Ardennes Street Stop A
Fort Bragg, NC 28310

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