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Welcome to NSTI -ASTC Cherry Point, NC


Aviation Survival Training Center (ASTC) Cherry Point is one of eight detachments of the Naval Survival Training Institute (NSTI). Students are provided safe, effective, fleet relevant aviation survival and human performance training focused on preventing the next mishap and increasing survivability. The training is conducted through didactic classroom lectures, in simulator based devices, and with a focus on practical application.

ASTC Cherry Point is a detachment of the Navy Medicine Operational Training Command, Naval Survival Training Institute, Pensacola FL. ASTC Cherry Point provides CNO directed Naval Aviation Survival Training Program and adjunctive aviation, aeromedical, and water survival training support for approved local, regional, Joint and OCONUS customers.

ASTC Cherry Point provides aviation survival and safety training for Navy and Marine Corps Aviation and supports all DoD activities. Training includes classroom or squadron lectures, simulator devices and a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on exposure to survival skills. MCAS Cherry Point is located on the Neuse River in Havelock North Carolina.

Scheduling note: Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment the currently scheduled classes are limited and walk-ins are no longer accepted. We understand the demand for training is high and we are doing our best to accommodate the needs of our warfighters. We continue to monitor student demand and are exploring options to add capacity but what is shown on our website is our up to date availability. Check with you local NATOPS department on the status of any NASTP waivers from Commander Naval Air Forces that may impact your aviation readiness.

**COVID-19** Until further notice, all personnel outside the Jacksonville, New Bern, and Havelock, North Carolina area are required to complete a 14-day ROM prior to participation in ASTC training.

Additionally, personnel will not be authorized to enter the ASTC if:

  •          Had close contact with a COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

  •          Anyone one with flu-like symptoms.

  •          Anyone who screens positive on the student check-in sheet.

  •          Refuses to wear a protective face covering (nose and mouth).

  •          Anyone who has a temperature above 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

CNAF has released a limited NASTP waiver extending NASTP quals until 01 January 2021 for those that can't travel to an ASTC. Link to waiver found here.

14 day ROM shall be required for those who are not stationed at a base in Local Area i.e MCB Camp Lejeune or MCAS Cherry Point.. ROM may be completed in your domicile at originating location as long as bubble to bubble transportation and Local base lodging is utilized while attending class.

We continue do our best to serve the fleet by providing safe, effective, and relevant training. We appreciate your support!




Register Here for a class. This site is CAC enabled for Students only.

To request an authorization for training, please contact ASTC Cherry Point at: (252) 466-7422
CNAF M-36710.7 dtd 15 Jan 2023 no longer authorizes alternate training due to inoperative devices/inclement weather for refresher students. As such, any factor creating device unavailability will result in a letter of Conditionally Qualified (CQ) or Unqualified (UQ), dependent on the number of devices unavailable, and the student will have 90 days to the complete the deficient module(s). If device unavailability is the reason for Conditional Qualification and the individual is unable to return to the ASTC for completion of the deficient training module prior to a deployment, an extension until 30-days post-deployment may be requested. The approval authority for this type of extension is the aviation TYCOM, CMC, COMNAVAIRFORES, or command delegated this authority by TYCOM CMC or COMNAVAIRFORES, for their assigned units. Refer to Paragraph 8.4.4 of CNAF M-3710.7 regarding training waivers and extensions other than the deployment extension described above.

What to Bring:

FLIGHT SUITS are the uniform of the day for all aviation personnel. All Personnel reporting for Aviation Survival Training must report with the following:

  1. NATOPS Training Jackets
  2. A current Aeromedical Clearance Notice ("Up-Chit") DD2992
  3. Medical Clearance for Nonmilitary/Non-aircrew Personnel to Fly in USN/USMC Aircraft OPNAV 3710/18 or 6410/15
  4. Appropriate swim attire and towel. Swim goggles and earplugs are not authorized for any water testing evaluation.
Please click the link and save the word document to your Desktop in order to edit and fill in any applicable information.

NON-AIRCREW Device Request and Go-BY
USMC UWE Device Request and Go-BY

All Classes begin at 0730 sharp. Please report to the ASTC no earlier than 0655 and no later than 0715.
NOTE!! It Is Each Student's Responsibility To Accurately Report Their Personal State Of Health And Physical Condition Upon Reporting For Training!!! Naval Aviation Survival Training is HIGH RISK training.

Training Start Time:

 All Initial and Refresher Classes normally begin at 0730 sharp. Please be at the ASTC NO LATER THAN 0715 for Check-in, Medical Screening and Record Checks.
NOTE! Please be on time. Students reporting AFTER 0715 may forfeit their seats to stand-by students and may be rescheduled.
NOTE! In case of destructive weather, ASTC Cherry Point will follow Base policy for changes in operation/base closures. If you believe that destructive weather may affect training, information can be found on the main MCAS Cherry Point website or call the MCAS Cherry Point (252) 466 2811.
NOTE! No open sores, wounds, scabs, or bandages are allowed in the pool, to include recent small pox vaccinations. Any student with this issue will be rescheduled to a later date.



Directions to ASTC Cherry Point From the New Bern NC Airport (EWN): Depart the Craven Regional Airport passenger terminal to the first stop light at Hwy 70. Turn RIGHT or EAST on Hwy 70 to Havelock, approximately 17 miles. Proceed into Havelock to the intersection marked for the MCAS Cherry Point Main Gate on Fontana Blvd (Car wash on left, KFC on right).
Local Directions: Proceed through the Main Gate on Roosevelt Blvd to "E" Street. (Landmarks: MCCS Complex on left). ASTC is 2 stop lights down "E" St. on left hand side of the corner of "E" and 4th Streets. Building 4065. Look for the yellow "ASTC" letters on the blue roll-up door.


Bachelors Officers Quarters Telephone: (252)466-5169
Bachelors Enlisted Quarters Telephone: (252)466-3060
Naval Hospital Main Information: (252)466-0266
Aviation Medical Exams: (252)466-0368

ASTC Cherry Point Quarterdeck/Scheduling (252) 466-7355


7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 325
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone Numbers:
Telephone(Local): (770) 396-3898
Telephone(Toll-Free): 800-917-2081
Fax: (770) 396-3790
COE is the institutional accrediting body for the NMFSC AOR and is available for students and staff who have
submitted issues through normal grievance channels but feel that their grievance is still unresolved.

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