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The Naval Dosimetry Center serves as the Navy’s ionizing radiation dosimetry center of excellence for radiation protection programs for the Navy and Marine Corps. As the centralized location for the Navy’s Radiation Health Protection Program, we provide naval commands worldwide with radiation dosimetry processing and consultation services. We also support the advancement of the scientific field of thermoluminescent dosimetry through advanced technical research, and we operate an In Vivo Gamma Spectroscopy Facility for determining the internal human burden of radioactive material and estimating doses and dose commitments for risk estimates.

We maintain a registry of ionizing radiation exposure data for Navy and Marine Corps military and civilian personnel exposed to radiation sources in their work environment, respond to requests for exposure history information, and support applicable radioepidemiology studies. We provide assistance in adjudication of Navy-related claims of radiation injury or disease by the claimant’s documented occupational ionizing radiation exposure.

Key Products and Service Offerings

  • Ionizing Radiation Exposure Registry (available upon request)

McMurdo Station Radiation Dose Assessment (Final Report)

The final report on the McMurdo Station Radiation Dose Assessment has been released and is now publicly available. The report can be viewed in its entirety on the Defense Threat Reduction Agency website, under the "Learn More" section. The Department of Veterans Affairs will handle requests for individualized dose assessments via their established claims process. Naval Dosimetry Center, upon receipt of a VA request for a McMurdo Station veteran's radiation exposure records, will complete a radiation dose assessment using the guidelines established in the McMurdo Station Dose Assessment report. 

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