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Occupational and Environmental Health Site Assessment (OEHSA)


We provide training and technical reach back support to the FDPMU and other organic preventive medicine capabilities on OEHSA development, sampling and analysis plans, and defining data quality requirements necessary to support health risk assessments

The OEHSA is a comprehensive, all-hazards assessment used to identify occupational and environmental health threats at a deployment site (e.g., base camp or forward operating base). The purpose of the OEHSA is to identify and evaluate potential environmental exposures that may impact the health of deployed personnel. 

The OEHSA documents environmental conditions that exist at the time of the assessment, identifies potential occupational and environmental health threats, guides further occupational and environmental health data collection activities, health risk assessments, and summarizes immediate or long-term risk mitigation actions necessary at forward operating bases. 

The cornerstone of the OEHSA process is the Conceptual Site Model (CSM). The CSM describes all complete and potentially complete exposure pathways and is used to develop a sampling and analysis (SAP) plan to fully characterize the risks associated with complete exposure pathways.  The SAP defines why, when, where, how, how many, how often, and how long environmental sampling must be done to fully characterize health risks. The SAP ensures that the ongoing collection of environmental data will be representative of exposures to the populations at risk and provide actionable information for risk management.

The OEHSA is the key force health protection document that drives further environmental data collection and health risk assessments. EPD possesses the unique skill set necessary to effectively train and provide authoritative consultation on all phases of the OEHSA process.  This high level of training provided by EPD prepares preventive medicine personnel to produce scientifically valid and defensible OEHSA.

Fact Sheet

  • OEHSA Fact Sheet

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