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Preventive Medicine Directives, Publications, and Links

Author File No Subject Date
BUMED 6200.14D Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention 30 Aug 2017
BUMED 6200.17A Public Health Emergency Officers 7 Mar 2011
BUMED 6210.4 Ship Sanitation Certificate Program 8 Mar 2013
BUMED 6220.8B Recruit Streptococcal Infection Prevention Program 20 Jun 2014
BUMED 6220.9B Nosocomial Infection Control Program 14 Apr 2011
BUMED 6220.12C Medical Surveillance and Notifiable Event Reporting 27 Sep 2011
BUMED 6220.13B Rabies Prevention and Control 22 May 2018
BUMED 6224.8C Tuberculosis Control Program 25 Apr 2018
BUMED 6230.15B Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis 7 Oct 2013
BUMED 6230.16 Malaria Prevention and Control 16 Jan 2018
BUMED 6240.10B Water Quality Standards 18 Sep 2018
BUMED 6250.12D Pesticide Applicator Training And Certification For Medical Personnel 27 Aug 2014
BUPERS 1640.22 Naval Corrections Manual 29 Mar 2011
COMNAVAIR 6000.1 Shipboard Medical Procedures Manual 21 Oct 2005
COMNAVAIR 6000.1 Shipboard Medical Procedures Manual 6 Mar 2014
MCO P5090.2A Ch. 3 Environmental Compliance and Protection Manual 26 Aug 2013
OPNAV 1640.8A Manual for the Operation and Administration of Afloat Brigs 26 Jun 2006

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