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Ship Tracking and Analytic Reporting System (STARS)

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NAVMED 6210/4 (11-2012), U. S. Navy SSCP Inspection Card (Restricted) This card is to be obtained via cognizant NEPMUs/Training Agency through SSCP Certification; these locations are:

Navy and Marine Corps Force Health Protection Command
620 John Paul Jones Circle, Suite 1100
Portsmouth, VA 23708-2103
Phone number: (757) 953-0697
Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit TWO
1285 West D Street, Bldg. U238
Norfolk, VA 23511-3394
Phone number: (757) 953-6600
Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit FIVE
3235 Albacore Alley
San Diego, CA 92136-5199
Phone number: (619) 556-7070
Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit SIX
385 South Ave., Bldg. 618
JBPHH, HI 96860
Phone number: (808) 471-0237
Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit SEVEN
PSC 819 Box 67 FPO AE 09645-0085 (Rota, Spain)
Phone number: 011-34-956-82-2230
Preventive Medicine Technician Program
3488 Garden Avenue
Bldg. 1364, Room 447
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234
Phone number: (210) 808-5448

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