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Camera: DCS660C Serial #: K660C-01124 Width: 2008 Height: 3040 Date: 7/17/01 Time: 15:08:44 DCS6XX Image FW Ver: 3.2.3 TIFF Image Look: Portrait Sharpening Requested: Yes Counter: [3065] Shutter: 1/125 Aperture: f8.0 ISO Speed: 80 Max Aperture: f4.0 Min Aperture: f32 Focal Length: 75 Exposure Mode: Manual (M) Meter Mode: Center Weighted Drive Mode: Single Focus Mode: Single (AF-S) Focus Point: Right Flash Mode: Normal Sync Compensation: +0.0 Flash Compensation: +0.0 Self Timer Time: 10s White balance: Preset (Flash) Time: 15:08:44.834

VIRIN: 140904-N-ZZ145-6881.jpg
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