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Navy Medical Department Special Pays

17 Dec 2018: Please make sure to review the Medical Department Special Pays Admin Info, as well as each Corps pay guidance before submitting any requests as there are changes in FY19 from FY18, most within the eligibility for RB.  The major changes have been highlighted in yellow in each Corps Pay Guidance. 

Any request submitted with an effective of 1 Oct 2018, or later, both the request and endorsement are dated NET 7 Dec 2018, and NLT 7 Jan 2019, or they will be required to be retroactive.  After 7 Jan 2019, any request for an effective date prior to 7 Dec 18 will require a retroactive submission. 

The 2018 tax year cutoff is Friday 21 Dec 2018 to have any chance of being paid in 2018, which means it is highly unlikely we are going to get any special pays received, processed, and to DFAS in time for them to process and post the pay by the 2018 tax year cutoff, so it is recommended any RB submissions the effective date used should be 1 Jan 2019 to prevent two payments of RB in tax year 2019.  

With a 1 Jan 2019 start date for RB, that is also the date the obligation for the RB will be established from.  If an officer does submit for an effective date of 1 Oct 18 – 31 Dec 2018, you must inform the officer the likelihood of receiving two payments in tax year 2019, which could put them in a higher tax bracket.  There is nothing that can be done for taxes if the member elects an effective date between 1 Oct – 31 Dec 2018, and is paid twice in 2019.

As a result of the changes in the eligibility for FY19, only retroactive requests for RB to FY18 where the justification for the delay was clearly unavoidable and can be supported by documentation, such as the officer submitted for an age waiver, or retired retained, in FY18, and had to wait on PERS approval, will be approved.  No other unsupported retroactive requests for an effective date back to FY18 will be approved.

Also, with the possible Government shut down, if DOD does shut down, no special pays will be processed during the shutdown; however, anniversary payments due to be paid should still be released during the period, and paychecks, should still be paid, but with a shutdown there are no guarantees.

If there are any questions please direct them to your HRD/Admin/Special Pays Coordinator, or Specialty Leader, who will forward to BUMED inquiries they are unable answer at the command level, but no individuals should be bypassing their local command admin support, since they need to be able to understand the issues, and responses, to be able to better support the command.


Guidance for Special Pays (FY19)

Dental Corps Special Pay Guidance

Medical Corps Special Pay Guidance​

Medical Service Corps Special Pay Guidance

Nurse Corps ​Special Pay Guidance

Medical Department Special Pays Administrative Information


FY19 Medical Department Special Pays Guidance​


Medical Department Special Pays Information (PPTX)​

Command Special Pays FAQ (DOCX)​​​


Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)-

Special Pays Templates for Submission

Reserve Recall Special Pays

Special Pays Process - Information for Reservists and Gaining Command (Updated 26Jan2018)



All inquiries, issues, and submissions to special pays are to be made to this email address. 
Note: The BUMED.SpecialPays email address is for non-encrypted emails.



Updated: 17 December 2018