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Navy Medical Department Special Pays

18 Jun 2018:  A reminder eligibility for an IncentivePay (IP) rate is 3 months after completing the qualifying training. Service member is responsible for submitting a request for IP, which the templates are available in the Link below Special Pays Templates forSubmission.

Those Medical Corps officers completing residency on active duty should submit to terminate and renegotiate for the GMO IP effective the day after completing the residency, and those receiving the GMO IP rate who are entering residency should submit to terminate and renegotiate for the residency IP, 30 days prior to the start date of the residency.

Information on the IP and the rates can be found in the specific Corps Guidance below.

The following are the general eligibility rules for each Corps, which the specific eligibility can be found in each Corps Guidance:

Medical Corps
Internship IP rate – 3 months after completing Medical School
Residency, or GMO, IP rate – 3 months after completing internship and licensed.
Specialty IP rate – 3 months after completing residency/fellowship, and privileged and practicing.

Dental Corps
General Dentist IP rate – 3 months after completing dental school, license, privileged and practicing.
Specialty IP rate – 3 months after completing residency.

Medical Service Corps/Nurse Corps
3 months after completing qualifying training for specialty, licensed privileged and practicing.

Any inquiries should be sent to the BUMED Special Pays email address below. 

Guidance for Special Pays (FY18)

Dental Corps Special Pay Guidance

Medical Corps Special Pay Guidance​ (Updated 3Aug2018)

Medical Service Corps Special Pay Guidance

Nurse Corps Special Pay Guidance



Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)-

Special Pays Templates for Submission

Reserve Recall Special Pays

Special Pays Process - Information for Reservists and Gaining Command (Updated 26Jan2018)



All inquiries, issues, and submissions to special pays are to be made to this email address. 
Note: The BUMED.SpecialPays email address is for non-encrypted emails.



Updated: 18 June 2018