Deployment Health

We support deployment health, including activities before, during, and after deployments to ensure that Sailors and Marines are medically prepared, hazardous exposure is minimized, and exceptional treatment is provided. We want deployment health to be a seamless process that screens, identifies, and treats members efficiently and effectively.

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Health Promotion and Wellness

The Health Promotion and Wellness department has the resources and tools to help you strengthen your resilience so you can perform at your best. Resources are provided in a number of areas that are relevant to deployment health, including physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Click on the links below to access some of the key resources, or go directly to the HPW section of this site for more information.

Key Resources for Psychological and Emotional Well-being

Key Resources for Active Living and Healthy Eating

Deployment and Mental Health Assessments (eDHA and MHA)

We use an electronic system called EDHA to manage the following health surveys that sailors and marines take in order to better manage deployment health through the continuum of health and wellness. The surveys include the following:

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