Blue H - Navy Surgeon General's Health Promotion and Wellness Award

The Blue-H Navy Surgeon General's Health Promotion and Wellness Award guides, encourages and rewards the promotion of health in Navy and Marine Corps organizations. This annual award is available at three levels: Bronze Anchor, Silver Eagle and Gold Star.

Blue H Start-up Tips: Watch Video

CY2019 Submission Instructions - Between 1 Jan and 1 Feb 2020:

  1. Send an email to the Blue H Project Manager with these attachments:
    • your completed Blue H worksheet (in Excel format)
    • your signed/scanned CO Letter
    • your HRA "CO Reports" (one for Military Staff plus one for Civilian Staff IF there are more than 10 GS civilians assigned).
    • For GOLD STAR applications: HP Training Certificate for the HP leader.

    • Enter your application data and scores (SITE NOT "LIVE" UNTIL 1 Jan 2020) into the Blue H Application webtool (CaC needed) For technical assistance with the webtool, contact our HelpDesk

    • Your submission is NOT complete until and unless you receive email confirmation from NMCPHC.


      We invite the command Blue H POC and the CO to complete the brief questionnaire.

      A tentative list of Blue H winners will be posted here o/a 1 March. This will be your single opportunity to identify any corrections needed.

      A message from the Navy Surgeon General formally announcing the winners will be released o/a 1 May and will be relayed via the Blue H News.

      Your Blue H pennant (if not received by your command in a prior year), your 2019 Blue H streamer, and a hardcopy of the Navy Surgeon General's "2019 Blue H Winners" message will be mailed to each winning command on or about 1 May.

      2019 Fleet Command
      Non-medical commands – Ship, Shore and All Navy Reserve Units

      Encouraging and rewarding excellence in Navy workplace primary prevention policies, activities and outcomes on ships and on shore.

      2019 Marine Corps Command
      Marine Corps Commands other than Semper Fit Centers

      Encouraging and rewarding excellence in Navy workplace primary prevention policies, activities and outcomes within Marine Corps commands.

      2019 Medical Command
      For Active Duty Medical Treatment Facilities Note: Medical Battalions, occupational health clinics, small patient-care centers and stand-alone dental health clinics/commands may apply using the MEDICAL criteria or the FLEET or Marine Corps Command criteria. The Medical criteria are appropriate ONLY if the application is based on community-level health, patient primary prevention services AND staff health. The Fleet Criteria and Marine Corps Command Criteria are more appropriate if the application is based solely on staff health policies and activities.

      Encouraging and rewarding excellence in clinical primary prevention services, community health promotion, and medical staff health.

      2019 USMC SEMPER FIT Health Promotion Programs

      Encouraging and rewarding community health promotion by USMC SEMPER FIT HP Programs.

      Health Interest Questionnaire (HIQ)

      Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Instructions

      Blue H Tools

      CY2020 Materials

      Displaying the Blue H: There are no rules published for display of the Blue H pennant and streamers. The pennant is one-sided and was designed with indoor display in mind.

      Winners and Results