Guide to participating in Crews Into Shape if you are wounded, ill, or injured

Nutrition and physical activity are more important than ever if you are recovering from an injury or illness. Among other things, healthy eating and active living promote wound healing, increase your sense of well-being, decrease stress, lead to better sleep, strengthen muscles and bones, and decrease your chance of becoming depressed or improve your mood if you are already suffering from depression. NMCPHC encourages everyone from our DoD family to participate in the Crews Into Shape challenge. If you have an injury or illness that restricts your physical activity, we still want you to Crews with us!

  • Complete the Health and Fitness History Questionnaire and discuss your plans to participate with your healthcare provider.
  • Request that your provider give you recommendations regarding how much and what type of physical activity is safe for you.
  • If your provider recommends that you exercise less than the recommendations set by the program, follow your provider’s advice and you will still get the full points for fitness.
  • If your provider restricts the type of exercise you can do but not the amount, get creative and get moving! Here are some ideas for meeting the fitness criteria:
    • Find a local pool (the YMCA/YWCA is a great place to look if your military installation does not have a pool). Do water walking or running, swim laps, take aquatic fitness classes, or play a water sport.
    • Try gardening. Spring is coming, and anyone who has ever spent a day raking, weeding, and mowing knows it is quite a workout!
    • Talk to a fitness specialist at your gym. Most fitness centers have something for everybody, including hand bikes, elliptical machines, row machines, yoga classes,and Pilates classes. 
    • Go canoeing or kayaking.
    • If you have a physical limitation but enjoy competitive or outdoor sports, look for adaptive sports programs in your area. Visit the Veterans Affairs adaptive sports pageto find a program near you.
    • If you have difficulty concentrating or maintaining your focus, consider using a structured program such as Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS). NOFFS was designed to eliminate the guess work of fitness programming, and focuses on functional movement patterns and injury prevention principles while helping you get into shape!