NMCPHC Workplace Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Complete the HRA at https://nmcpeh-hpwebsvr.med.navy.mil/HRA/Pages/Default.aspx

HRA Helpdesk (757) 953-0737 or usn.hampton-roads.navmcpubhlthcenpors.list.nmcphc-hra@mail.mil

About the NMCPHC Workplace HRA: The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) Workplace Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a brief, anonymous, optional tool for military members and GS civilians which measures lifestyle behaviors that are most commonly associated with adverse health outcomes. Users are asked to select their workplace from a searchable database within the tool. The user is scored as healthy or unhealthy for each of the questions and is scored as high, medium, or low risk based on the number of unhealthy behaviors they reported. “High risk” means the user is likely to be a high consumer of healthcare services. Persons who complete the HRA receive a printable Participant's Report which highlights health risks, provide credible web-based sources of health information, encourage and empower the user to better manage their personal health, and serve as a tool for the user to initiate dialogue with their health care provider. This HRA is not intended to replace consultation with a health care provider.

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Command Reports: Every command or workplace can designate one (or more) member(s) to serve as their “Registered HRA Administrator”. This person can generate a “Command Report” at any time for any time period (CaC required). The “Command Report” is based on a workplace identifier (Navy or Marine Corps UIC or Coast Guard OPFAC) and can be used to assess the overall health of a workplace or any group of workplaces. For each of the 22 health questions, it displays the percent of records scored as healthy and unhealthy, and indicates the number of HRA records for the workplace during the report time period selected. These data are generated in summary form only - without demographic information. This report may be useful for focused delivery of workplace health promotion efforts.

Become a Registered HRA Administrator: Please send your name, rank, command-name, UIC or OPFAC, DoD ID number and phone number via email to the NMCPHC Helpdesk at: usn.hampton-roads.navmcpubhlthcenpors.list.nmcphc-hra@mail.mil

HRA is not the PHA: The web-based Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) required for every active duty member (IAW DoDI 6200.06) has its own built-in HRA-type questions. There are three key differences between the HRA and PHA: (1) the PHA questions differ somewhat from the NMCPHC Workplace HRA and are, in some cases, more clinical; (2) the PHA is not anonymous and is part of the members medical record; (3) PHA data does not include the members workplace identifier and the PHA data cannot be retrieved for use in workplace health risk analyses. Therefore, the HRA remains the only tool available to workplaces to understand health risk behavior of their workforce and the HRA remains the basis of HRA-related scoring for the Blue H - Navy Surgeon General’s Health Promotion and Wellness Award.

Using the NMCPHC Workplace HRA:

  • Decide how and when you will offer the HRA to your workplace members. For example, the Commanding Officer can email-invite all GS civilian and military members to complete the HRA once annually (and only once) during a discreet time period. Or, a Commanding Officer that controls the PHA process for his/her own staff could ask or task military staff members to complete the Workplace HRA (along with the mandatory ePHA) at the time of their annual PHA process.
  • Tell them what UIC or OPFAC you want them to use.
  • Tell them the HRA is optional, and anonymous.
  • Tell them the HRA is intended to identify some of their specific health risks, provide credible web-based sources of health information, encourage and empower them to better manage their personal health, and serve as a tool for dialogue with a health care provider, if so desired.
  • Tell them the data helps you deliver health promotion services they want and need.
  • Tell them how HRA completion helps the command score Blue H points.

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Stand-Alone CD: A stand-alone Access© version of the Fleet and Marine Corps HRA has been developed for Fleet customers that lack consistent Web connectivity for their crews to complete the HRA. To request a CD, click here and provide a good mailing address.