The HPW Department hosts monthly webinars on a diverse range of topics. Presenters highlight innovative and evidence-based programs that facilitate readiness and resilience, prevent illness and injury, hasten recovery and promote lifelong healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Our webinars are approximately one hour long and are conducted online with an accompanying dial-in phone number.

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Registration: Check out the "Future Webinars" section below to register for upcoming presentations.

Presentations: To view presentations, log-in to Defense Connect Online (DCS) during the event or download the presentation from our webinars webpage. In advance of your first webinar, we strongly encourage you to set-up a free DCS account.

Audio: Presentation audio is only available through the dial-in number found in the registration confirmation. Audio through DCS is NOT available. The audio portion of the webinar, in addition to the presentation, will be recorded and posted to the Archived Webinar Directory following the event.

Q&A: The webinar moderator will capture questions through the DCS chat function. Additionally, participants may ask questions on the audio bridge at the designated time during the webinar.

Evaluation: Following each webinar please take the short four question assessment so we can continue to develop resources that are of value to you in your work.

Future Webinars

Archived Webinar Directory

We encourage you to view our archived webinar documents and listen to the presentation audio. Scroll to the Archived Webinar Directory to view webinar topics and resources.

"Your ACTions could Save a Life: 3 Ways to #BeThere for Every Sailor, Every Day" (Presented 6 Sept 2018, 1300-1430 ET)

"From Awareness to Action: Lessons Learned from Navy's Annual Cross Disciplinary Case Reviews"

(Presented 30 September 2017, 1200-1300 ET)

"Every Sailor Every Day Starts with YOU: Understanding Evidence-Based Intervention Tools for Sailors at Risk of Suicide" (Presented 30 August 2016, 1200-1300 ET)

"ShipShape Program Enrollment" Webinar" (Presented 4 August 2016, 1130-1300 ET)

"Navy Preventive Medicine and Management of the STI Patient" Webinar (Presented 27 April 2016, 1200-1300 ET)

"The Navy IDC and the A-B-Cs of Sexual Health" Webinar (Presented 6 April 2016, 1000-1100 ET)

"Syphilis in the Navy 2010-2015" Webinar (Presented 15 Jan 2016, 1200-1300 ET)

"Suicide Prevention and Intervention Efforts in the Navy and Marine Corps" Webinar (Presented 1 Sep 2015, 1200-1300 ET)

"HIV PrEP in DoD" Webinar (Presented 20 Aug 2015, 1200-1300 ET)

"DoD's Efforts to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Consumption" Webinar (Presented 29 July 2015,1200-1300ET)

"Air Force Diabetes Center of Excellence Diabetes Central Overview" Webinar (Presented 4 June 2015,1200-1300ET)

"Navy Medicine and Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention" Webinar (Presented 21 April 2015)

"Getting to the Heart of It: Preventing Heart Disease and Promoting Heart Health" Webinar (Presented 4 March 2015)

"Addressing Tobacco on a Military Installation: A Collaborative Approach to Reducing Use" Webinar (Presented: 12 November 2014)

"Connecting the Dots: New and Updated Resources for Tailored Suicide Prevention Efforts " Webinar (Presented: 15 September 2014)

"Blue H for Leaders" Webinar (Presented: 29 July 2014)

"Blue H for Aircraft Carriers and Surface Ships" Webinar (Presented: 18 July 2014)

"m-NEAT Share Fair" Webinar (Presented: 17 July 2014)

"Blue H for Medical Treatment Facilities" Webinar (Presented: 19 June 2014)

"Blue H for NOSCs" Webinar (Presented: 03 June 2014)

"Navy Medicine and Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention " Webinar (Presented: 16 April 2014)

"How I Ask My Patient About Their Sexual Health" Webinar (Presented: 09 April 2014)

"Promoting Sexual Health" Webinar (Presented: 02 April 2014)

"Weight Loss Strategies: A New Year, A New Approach" Webinar (Presented: 15 January 2014)

"Tri-Service m-Neat Training" Webinar (Presented: 11 December 2013)

"HIV in the Navy and Marine Corps - a Discussion for Health Professionals" Webinar (Presented: 02 December 2013)

"Tobacco Cessation With Less: Resources and Ideas to Use When Time, Staff and/or Money Are Limited" Webinar (Presented: 19 November 2013)

"Tools to Enhance Psychological and Emotional Well-being" Webinar (Presented: 22 October 2013)

Healthy Eating "Fruits and Vegetables for Your Body and Budget" Webinar (Presented: 4 September 2013)

HPW Virtual Town Hall: Addressing the Needs of the WII Population (Presented 13 August 2013)

Injury and Violence Free living "Summer Safety" Webinar  (Presented: 17 July 2013)

Preventing Drug Abuse and Excessive Alcohol Use "Drinking Responsibly" Webinar (Presented: 4 June 2013)

Psychological and Emotional Well-Being "Got Sleep" Webinar (Presented: 1 May 2013)

Wii Series Part 1, Road to Recovery - Healthy Living Recommendations to Incorporate into Your Recovery Plans Webinar (Presented: 6 March 2013)

Three Powerful Ingredients to a Healthy Heart Webinar (Presented: 19 February 2013)

'Train the Trainer' for the 'Eat Healthy Be Active' (EHBA) Community Workshops Webinar (Presented: 30 January 2013)

Stages of Change Webinar (Presented: 18 December 2012)

Reproductive and Sexual Health Webinar (Presented: 27 November 2012)

Tobacco Free Living Webinar (Presented: 25 October 2012)

Healthy Eating and Active Living Webinar (Presented: 17 October 2012)