Prevention Services for the STI Patient

For assistance with sexual health promotion, contact: NMCPHC-SHARP via email or call 757-953-0974 (DSN 377)

1. Policies and Tools.

2. HIV-STI Prevention Counseling.
Each patient diagnosed with, or identified to be at increased risk for, a sexually transmitted infection (including HIV), should receive intensive risk-reduction counseling following an evidence-based model.

3. HIV-STI Sexual Partner Services.
Recent sexual partners of patients infected with some STIs should be informed of their potential exposure and be offered testing and treatment.

4. Reporting.
Reporting case data, risk data and sexual partner follow-up data in DRSi ( a.k.a. NDRSi; a.k.a. MER )

5. Promoting Sexual Health in Military Population.
Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion are tasked to promote sexual health within their populations.