National Strategy

Department of Defense

DoDD 1010.10

Health Promotion Program. Includes "responsible sexual behavior" in the key focus areas.

DoDI 6485.1

HIV Management

DoDI 6490.03

Deployment Health (August 11, 2006). Requires Predeployment HIV testing.

DoDI 6490.07

Deployment-Limiting Medical Conditions for Service Members and DoD Civilian Employees. Lists as a limiting condition HIV with the presence of progressive clinical illness or immunological deficiency. The cognizant Combatant Command surgeon shall be consulted in all instances of HIV seropositivity before medical clearance for deployment.

Reportable Events

Tri-Service Reportable Events, Guidelines and Case Definitions

DoD HIV-AIDS Prevention Program

International assistance; Naval Health Research Center, San Diego

Smallpox Vaccine and HIV

ASD-HA Letter 1 April 2008; Update to Clinical Policy for DoD Smallpox Vaccination Program; (HIV is contraindication for smallpox vaccination)

Veterans Administration

U.S. Air Force

  • Sexual Health Policy Links

AFI 48-105

Surveillance, prevention, and control of diseases and conditions of public health or military significance. Describes responsibilities for STD surveillance, prevention and control.

AFI 48-135

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Program

AFI 44-102

Medical Care Management. Contains guidance re: STI treatment and contraception for minors; HIV-infected health care workers; contraception services; annual women's health family planning counseling.

USAF School of Aerospace Medicine Department of Public Health

U.S. Army

  • Sexual Health Policy Links
DA PAM 40-11 Preventive Medicine Pamphlet
AR 600-110 Identification, Surveillance and Administration of Personnel Infected with HIV
US Army Medical Department and School; Academy of Health Sciences; Community Health Practices Branch STD Prevention and Control Course
Army Monthly Medical Surveillance Report Army Medical Surveillance Activity
U.S. Army Public Health Command Responsible Sexual Behavior & Health

U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps

  • STI/HIV/Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention and Control Policies


HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C In The Navy and Marine Corps (13 Aug 2012)

MILPERSMAN 1300.1300 - Assigments (includes members with HIV)

MCO P1700.29

Marine Corps SEMPER FIT

DoN pregnancy policies

Includes unplanned pregnancy prevention issues


Manual of the Medical Department (MANMED) Chapter 15-1 Women's Annual Health Maintenance Exam - defines the content of the annual examination for active duty women. The exam will include counseling on family planning, contraceptives (including emergency contraception), prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

BUMED Instruction 6220.12C

Medical Surveillance and Notifiable Event Reporting (27 Sep 20119)

BUMED Instruction 6300.9A

Family Planning Services (20 Sep 2001)

BUMED Instruction 6222.10C

Prevention and Management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (12 Feb 2009)

BUMED Instruction 6110.13A

Navy Medical Department Health Promotion and Wellness Program - encourages medical care providers to address unhealthy lifestyles at all patient encounters, and to execute and support community-level health promotion programs, to include sexual health and responsibility

Sexual Risk Assessment in Primary Care; BUMED Letter

"Dear Doctor" letter (from Deputy Navy Surgeon General, 30 Nov 07) to all Navy health care providers - advocates sexual risk assessment of all adult and adolescent patients.

Reporting HIV Risk and Exposure Data; BUMED Note 6222

Reporting HIV Risk and Exposure Data (16 Feb 2010)

Coverage of OTC Plan B One-Step at MTFs

ASD/HA Letter 14 Aug 13

HPV Vaccine Safety; BUMED Letter

"Policy Guidance on the Safety of the HPV Vaccine" (21 Apr 2009)

BUMED Policy - Screen Women for Family Planning / Contraception Needs Prior to Sea Duty (4 Dec 2012)