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  • Navy and Marine Corps Films
    • Sexual Health Quickie - Intrauterine Device (IUD) (2017). Available on the SHARP Toolbox DVD (send email now) or stream now (CaC required)
    • Reproductive Health Awareness: Think Ahead - Pregnancy and Parenting (19:00)
      Produced by BUMED VI and NMCPHC-SHARP (2013), this video explores the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy on sailors and marines. Stream live from SWANK (Navy MTFs only) or stream live from DVIDS. Also available on the SHARP Toolbox DVD
      (send email now).
    • Reproductive Health Awareness - Types of Contraception (26:00)
      Produced by BNUMED VI and NMCPHC-SHARP (2012), this video covers the full range of contraception options in brief clips, highlighting advantages, disadvantages and levels of effectiveness. First Place Award Winner for 2012 DoD Training Films. Stream live from SWANK (Navy MTFs only) or steam live from DVIDS. Also available on the SHARP Toolbox DVD
      (send email now).
    • Contraception Counseling
      Produced by BUMED VI and NMCPHC-SHARP (2017), Training film for the Navy health care team. Part 1 explains tiered counseling, the "GATHER" sequence of family planning counseling and important data to collect regarding the patient's medical history; Part 2 demonstrates tiered counseling; Part 3 covers suggested follow-up messages for the patient. Stream live from
      SWANK (Navy MTFs only; SWANK course number NMETLC-17-MPHSA-1.0). Also available on the SHARP Toolbox DVD and TV-friendly DVD (send email now).
  • Navy and Marine Corps Classroom Lectures

      "For Ladies Only". A group intervention adapted by SHARP from an intervention recommended by the CDC, "For Ladies Only" is intended as an optional, 1-hour educational offering for young female sailors. A presentation on symptoms, prevalence, and transmission of gonorrhea and Chlamydia and the incidence of unplanned pregnancies (UPP) is provided to increase perceived susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and UPP. The effectiveness of male condoms is discussed and proper condom use is demonstrated. Women are taught how to be assertive in discussing condom use with their partner, and how to deal with partner resistance to condoms. Through videos, presentations, role play, discussions and practice, women learn how to increase their sense of control over their sexual encounters, increase their STI and UPP awareness and perceived susceptibility, and increase self-efficacy for condom use.Order your SHARP Toolbox DVD

      "Reproductive Health" A two session educational intervention, totaling 4-hours (session one is 2.5 hours; session two held two months later and is 1.5 hours), for male and female sailors and marines focused on knowledge, skills, attitudes and circumstances known to affect unplanned pregnancies. The course may be led by a female Hospital Corpsman or other non-clinician leader. Adapted by the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center from the evidence-based work of CAPT Chung-Park M.S. (2008) Evaluation of a pregnancy prevention programme using the Contraceptive Behavior Change model. Journal of Advanced Nursing; 61(1), 81;91: doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2007.04468.x which demonstrated significant reduction of pregnancies among students.Order your SHARP Toolbox DVD