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The Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) is dedicated to conducting research to protect and maintain the health and wellness of our service members and their families at home and around the world.

Millennium Cohort Study

The Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), the largest and longest-running health study in military history has now enrolled over a quarter of a million participants since 2001 and is in the process of validating and cleaning data from the 2019-2021 new enrollee and follow-up survey waves in coordination with the Family Study...

Recruit Assessment Program (RAP)

With the completion of data entry into the RAP database, longitudinal research was initiated to examine potential changes in recruit health, behaviors and predictors of health outcomes such as alcohol consumption and potential
alcohol addictive behavior...

Family Cohort Program

The Millennium Cohort Family Study examines the impact of military service on the health of family members and has enrolled 28,178 military spouses...

DoD Birth & Infant Health Research (BIHR)

In existence for over 20 years, the DoD Birth and Infant Health Research (BIHR) program continues to assess maternal, pregnancy, and infant outcomes among DoD medical beneficiaries...

Supplement Use Study

In 2008 an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report recognized that a clear picture of the use of dietary supplements (i.e. doses, patterns of use, expectations) does not exist and recommended the conduct of surveys that provide data on such usage.

Study of Adolescent Resilience (SOAR)

SOAR enrollment is based on the recruitment of adolescent children ages 11-17 with a parent previously enrolled in the MCS between 2001 and 2021. MC&FP is funding this effort to address information gaps in understanding the well-being of military-connected adolescents.

Clinical Treatment Studies

To assist service members with mental health conditions, researchers from our Health and Behavioral Sciences team evaluate the effectiveness of existing treatments and develop and test innovative treatments...

Health Promotion Interventions

Our Health and Behavioral Sciences team aims to promote resilience and prevent mental and physical illness and injury by developing, evaluating, and disseminating evidence-based health promotion interventions...

Epidemiological Investigations

Timely identification of threats to health and readiness are vital to the development of effective approaches to enhancing service member resilience and preventing adverse outcomes...


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