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The challenges of military life place service members at increased risk for physical and psychological problems that can reduce operational readiness and have long-term effects on health and well-being. Our Health and Behavioral Sciences team aims to promote resilience and prevent mental and physical illness and injury by developing, evaluating, and disseminating evidence-based health promotion interventions.


Our Health and Behavioral Sciences team develops, validates, and disseminates evidence-based interventions to improve the physical and mental health of service members. These interventions are designed for the unique needs and circumstances of our military populations.


  • Improve force readiness by providing service members with the tools, skills, and support they need to optimize their health
  • Train military leaders and health care providers to better support the behavioral and psychological health of the force


  • Engagement with military stakeholders to determine critical needs and knowledge gaps
  • Development of theoretically grounded and evidence-based health promotion trainings and tools, including interactive workbooks, in person and web-based trainings, and smartphone apps
  • Selection of valid and reliable measures to assess change in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, health, and performance
  • Implementation and evaluation of health interventions; program evaluation
  • Collaboration with academic and industry partners to maximize research and development excellence


  • Development and evaluation of a comprehensive program to increase service member resilience and readiness, incorporating evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies, biofeedback, peer mentorship, and a smartphone app
  • Development and evaluation of a video designed to demystify mental health treatment and reduce stigma associated with treatment seeking
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of an existing program designed to prevent intimate partner violence among at-risk Marines
  • Enhancement and improvement of screening methods for detecting mental and physical health issues (e.g., risk of suicide, cervical cancer) among active duty service members
  • Development and evaluation of programs designed to reduce sexual assault among service members
  • Development and evaluation of multimodal interventions to improve sleep and circadian health
  • Development of evidence-based workbooks to assist with post-deployment adjustment and with the transition from military to civilian life
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