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• The Medical Planners’ Toolkit (MPTk), a suite of tools in a single desktop application, was developed to fill the need for a science-based, repeatable, and standardized methodology to predict the likelihood of operational injuries and illnesses.
• MPTk is verified, validated, and accredited for Department of Defense use.


• MPTk predicts the likelihood of operational injuries and illnesses, creates casualty estimates and associated patient streams, and estimates requirements relative to theater hospitalization to service those patient streams.
• Logisticians and medical planners obtain authoritative estimates quickly and efficiently using an accredited desktop application.


• To provide military medical planners and logisticians with an end-to-end solution for medical support planning across the range of military operations, from combat operations to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.


• MPTk consists of the Patient Condition Occurrence Frequency (PCOF) tool, the Casualty Rate Estimation Tool (CREstT), the Expeditionary Medicine Requirements Estimator (EMRE), and the Estimating Supplies Program (ESP).
o The PCOF tool provides probability distributions for illnesses and injuries based on empirical data expressed in ICD-9 codes. The tool allows the user to adjust parameters to better fit planned operations and manage the results.
o CREstT provides the capability to emulate the operational plan using a 365-day palette to calculate battle and non-battle injuries and illnesses expected during ground military operations. Casualty estimates can be generated for ships, fixed facilities, and natural disasters. This functionality is integrated with the PCOF tool to develop patient streams.
o EMRE estimates operating room, intensive care unit, ward bed, evacuation, and blood product requirements for theater hospitalization based on a given patient load. EMRE is fully integrated with both the PCOF tool and CREstT.
o ESP calculates the Service-specific supply usage necessary to treat the patient stream developed in CREstT.

Key Facts

• Results are based on recent empirical data.
• While no two military contingency operations are identical, they share certain similarities that allow for planning future engagements based on data from past operations.

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