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Research & Development



The Research & Development (R&D) Department conducts long-term collaborative studies as well as to research, develop, and implement novel technologies and systems that can improve force health protection and global health by reducing vector-borne disease transmission. R&D provides support to other NECE departments and DoD activities as NECE’s molecular laboratory by processing samples from global and national health projects for insecticide resistance assessment, vector identification, and additional genome analysis.

Active Projects

  • Insecticide resistance testing and training
  • Determine protective status of factory permethrin-treated military uniforms against medically important mosquitoes
  • Remote Emerging Disease Intelligence NETwork (REDI-NET)
  • Efficacy of permethrin-treated military uniforms in reducing mosquito biting rates under semi-field conditions
  • The role of Non-structural protein 1 (NS1) of dengue virus in the midgut infection of Aedes aegypti mosquito
  • Xenosurveillance of tick-borne pathogens using systems network approach and real-time field deployable detection techniques

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