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Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School (NDACS)


Please Note: Effective January 2017, NEC 9519/9522 was disestablished and 8418/8419 established with the HM rating as the source rate for this NEC code. Bureau of Medicine and Bureau of Naval Personnel (Enlisted Community Management Branch) have agreed to phase billets from current general duty ratings to HM over a three year span beginning in fiscal year (FY) 2019. (October, 2018).

Based on the FY 2019 start of the transition, PERS-407 will start detailing HM personnel to 8418/8419 requisitions in February 2018 which is nine months before the start of FY19 and staying within the Career Management System/Interactive Detailing {CMS/ID} negotiation window. PERS-4010 will continue to detail general duty ratings to fill 8418/8419 requisitions through September 2018.


Good day prospective Navy drug and alcohol counselor. We are pleased that you are interested in a career as a Navy drug and alcohol counselor, through which you will serve your fellow sailors and support the fleet - and also prepare yourself for a civilian career when ever you leave the military.

The Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School (NDACS) training application is designed to accommodate enlisted personnel (E-5 through E-9) interested in attending NDACS. Because NDACS is a rigorous competency based course, a thorough screening is a valuable tool in identifying eligible personnel. The application and screening assess personal strengths and possible deficiencies in the areas of physical and mental health, positive attitudes towards self and others, effective communication skills and the absence of any alcohol, other drug abuse, compulsive overeating or other emotional problems.

This message contains information on three important areas of preparation for your arrival at the school. Please be sure to read and respond to all three.


By now you likely have been interviewed by a staff member of the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School as part of your admission process to NDACS. You are about to embark upon an intense learning process designed to prepare you for a very different way to serve your country, fellow sailors, and fleet.  As you may have heard, not everyone completes NDACS, for a variety of reasons. We work very hard to give you the best training available in this critical and unique field. We have learned from previous student input that these Prerequisites have been immensely helpful in preparing you to succeed in completing the program.


This course is offered at Surface Warfare Medicine Institute, San Diego, CA.


Student Affairs/Administration
Phone: (619) 553-8499 / 8250
FAX : (619)553-8583
Certification Office: (619) 553-8490

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