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For personnel with orders to Navy Medicine Training Support Center in a student status, this page has all the information you will need to know for reporting to the command and policies during your time in a training status. If you have a question that cannot be answered with the information available on this page, call (210) 808-1005 or (210) 808-1018.

If you are a prior student attempting to obtain a course completion certificate, please contact the Medical Education and Training Campus Registrar.

Report to Navy Barracks Fralish Hall, Building 1479, located at 3320 CPL Johnson Road to have your orders stamped. "A" School students will not be assigned a sponsor. However, you may contact the sponsorship coordinators for a point of contact. 

Report to Navy Barracks Jaenke Hall, Building 1475, located at 3320 CPL Johnson Road to have your orders stamped. "C" School students will not be assigned a sponsor. However, you may contact the sponsorship coordinators for a point of contact. 

 U.S. Coast Guard Students: For administrative problems or questions, contact the USCG Liaison at (210) 221-6684.

All students who report to NMTSC before their class convening date or are awaiting transfer orders will be assigned to the Transient Monitoring Division until member's class convenes or orders are received.

You are strongly encouraged to review your LES to make sure all pay, allowances, and other financial entitlements are in order. Over-payments are collected immediately and in large sums. Do not jeopardize your financial integrity or your career through mismanagement of your pay and allowances. If Members find themselves in a financial situation, they can utilize the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society located at 2414 Stanley Rd, Bldg 131. Their number is (210) 221-9819. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 0900-1500.  Also, the American Red Cross can be utilized for members with an extreme or emergent situation. They are located in Bldg. 2650 on Fort Sam Houston and to schedule an appointment call (210) 221-5271/3681.

Single sailors that are E-5 or E-4 with more than four years of service will be eligible to receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) upon reporting to Navy Medicine Training Support Center (NMTSC). A BAH request and command approval are required for any single sailor applying for BAH. Reporting students are required to have an approved BAH request signed by the Commanding Officer prior to entering into any housing agreement. MIL-MIL members without dependents are considered single for pay purposes regardless of paygrade. If you have any questions, contact the NMTSC Pay and Personnel office at 210-808-4828/1052/4838.

We have a zero tolerance for gender or racial discrimination, sexual harassment, fraternization or substance abuse. Complaints of discrimination or grievances, informal and formal procedures are presented to all staff/students during orientation via the Navy Rights and Responsibility Workshop. Additional information may be obtained from the Command Assessment Team members or the Administrative Services Department. Please refer to the Fraternization and Sexual Harassment Policies posted in the Admin Department of Bldg. 903 if there are any questions. All personnel upon check-in and random selection are required to participate in the Urinalysis Drug Program.

The Academic Honor Code states a student does not lie, cheat or steal. Students will sign a Page 13, acknowledging receipt of this briefing.

The Command Policy on Alcohol Abuse is “Zero Tolerance” and will be strictly enforced. During orientation, all hands will attend a DAPA Briefing on alcohol awareness. In the case of an alcohol incident, all personnel will appear before the Commanding Officer and be screened by the Command DAPA, as well as mandatory disqualification from any administrative program ("C” school, SCORE, STAR, or frocking for one year). A page 13 will be used for serious incidents as well as adverse performance evaluations (military bearing/character marked no higher than 1.0 and not recommended for advancement for one year). In the case of a DUI/DWI, mandatory suspensions of base driving privileges and motorcycle safety qualifications, and disenrollment from school. Drinking is prohibited eight hours prior to class and/or assuming duty. Reporting for class or duty while under the influence of alcohol will result in disenrollment from school and administrative or disciplinary action.

Military Sick Call for Students at Troop Medical Clinic: (210) 295-4362
Sick Call Hours: Monday-Friday, 0530-0730
Dental Sick Call or appointments are done at the Budge Dental Clinic: (210) 808-3735
Sick Call Hours: Monday-Friday, 0630-0830

Overseas Screenings and Special Duty Screenings for staff and students are initiated by the NMTSC Readiness Office. Initial screening and a records review will be conducted and the member will be directed to make an appointment at the Troop Medical Clinic (210) 295-4362 to finalize medical screening. Screenings are due 30 days after receipt of orders and any delays in meeting this timeline must be communicated with the NMTSC Readiness Office and the Career Counselor. For screening packages, contact the NMTSC Readiness Office at (210) 808-3152.

Injured or seriously ill students are to report to the Emergency Room at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC).

Mental Health services are offered through the Moreno Clinic located at 3100 Schofield Rd, Bldg 1179 and receive walk-ins from 0600 to 1500 M-F (210) 808-2534/2584. 

NMTSC has a chaplain and staff to support your religious needs throughout your tour in San Antonio. The chaplain provides confidential counseling, spiritual guidance, and mentorship. Additionally the chaplain’s office coordinates volunteer opportunities within the community. The chaplain’s office will also help support you with any of your particular religious needs such as the wear of religious apparel while in uniform and special holidays. For a list of base worship opportunities see:

Students must maintain a healthy lifestyle and are required to be physically fit. Within 72 hours from reporting, students will have a Body Composition Assessment conducted by the Command Fitness Leader. Students who report for duty over the DOD maximum BCA standard, outlined OPNAVINST 6110.1 series, enclosure (6), will not convene with the incoming class, be made available for orders, and transferred from the command. The command’s Physical Readiness Program will be further explained to all incoming students during command orientation by the Command Fitness Leader.

​The Education Services Officer (ESO) provides liaison between PSD San Antonio and students of NMTSC in all matters pertaining to advancement examinations and continued education units/credits. Dates and locations of the exams will be posted during exam cycle periods. If you will be planning on taking the advancement exam here at NMTSC, shortly after reporting or while on leave, please ensure your current command forwards your exam to us here at Navy Medicine Training Support Center along with your completed worksheet.

  • MILITARY UNIFORMS: The Uniform of the Day as prescribed in the Plan of the Week shall be worn during working hours, while in a duty status, and for prescribed ceremonies and formations. Dress uniform is required for initial check in and the alternate uniforms are the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) with black boots and Service Uniform (SU).  NOTE: The Military Clothing and Sales on Fort Sam Houston and Lackland AFB have extremely limited Navy Uniforms and devices. It is highly recommended that you purchase any needed uniform items prior to arriving, or buy online at
  • PHYSICAL TRAINING UNIFORM: Students will have two sets of the PTUs prior to arriving. This is a mandatory uniform requirement and will be worn during PT all PFAs.
  • INSPECTIONS: Students are responsible for maintaining your personal appearance and living spaces, in a constant state of readiness for inspection. Daily personnel inspections are accomplished by the Military Advisor. BEQ rooms will be inspected weekly by BEQ Manager.


  • ANNUAL LEAVE: Normally, annual leave will not be granted to student personnel under or awaiting instruction except during holiday periods as authorized by the CO. Special notices will be published concerning procedures to be followed in granting leave to student personnel during holiday periods.
  • EMERGENCY LEAVE: Emergency leave may be granted when the situation warrants. The emergency leave protocol goes as follows: When an urgent call or an emergency message from the Red Cross comes into the Administrative Services Department during normal working hours, the Admin staff will contact the individual via Class Advisors or Course Coordinator to inform the member of the situation. The member will obtain a leave chit from the Class Advisor and have the course Chain of Command sign the appropriate blocks. After this is completed, the chit can be hand carried either by the member or the Class Advisor/Course Coordinator to the Administrative Services Department to receive a leave control number and final authorization signatures.
  • LEAVE UPON GRADUATION: If authorized and the member has the adequate leave balance, their orders will provide a delay in reporting to their next duty station, to count as leave.

​There is currently a waiting list for on-base housing. To be placed on the waiting list prior to arriving in San Antonio you must be checked out of your command, and fax the following documents to the Lincoln Housing Office:

  • Copy of your orders with the stamp of your detaching command
  • Copy of your leave papers
  • Current LES
  • Copy of military ID card (both front and back)
  • If you have step-children, a copy of the custody paperwork
Fax all documents to (210) 270-7699. Upon arriving in San Antonio, you may check your placement on the list by calling the Housing Office (Bldg. 407) at (210) 270-7638. For more information, visit Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston Housing.
The following areas and establishments have been placed in an off limit status to all Armed Forces personnel:
  • Cracker Box Palace
  • Planet K
  • MJM Autohaus
  • Players Club of San Antonio
  • VIP Spa
  • Anywhere within 15 miles of the US Mexico border

Phone Numbers


Quarterdeck - (210) 808-1445

Duty NMTI - (210) 965-3907

TMD - (210) 808-1523


Mailing Address




Visitor Information

​Navy Medicine Training Support Center is located on Joint Base San Antonio - Fort Sam Houston.  Fort Sam Houston is one of the Army's oldest installations.  Access to Fort Sam Houston is limited, so please check the current security restrictions before planning a visit. 

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