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DOD and Navy Instruction

We support the implementation of the DOD and Navy Instructions regarding the identification, surveillance, and management of military personnel living with HIV                                                                                                                                                            


Initial Positive Reporting and Notification

Do you have questions about the identification, surveillance, and management of military personnel living with HIV? Have you tested positive and are now wondering what the implications are for your career and family? The resources below provide answers to those questions about DOD policy, and also provide supporting documents intended to help service members through the process of testing for HIV and reporting results.


HIV Testing Guidance

The document below is meant to support in the sample submission process, including how to place the barcode, pack, and send samples.

Other Testing Guidance Material

Contractor Testing and Reporting Algorithms

To avoid errors and reduce any confusion in the process we use to conduct HIV testing and reporting, we created a standardized process described in the documents below. We refer to them as algorithms because they provide a decision-tree approach aimed at reducing and defining uncertainty.

NBIMC Continuity of Operations Plan

This is the message NBIMC will send to all submitting activities when the COOP is activated.

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