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Command Fitness Leaders

Command fitness leaders (CFLs) act as the command liaison for Shipshape Program Facilitators and are expected to provide each potential Shipshape Program Participant with a written referral from the command to the Shipshape Program Facilitator. CFLs assist the Shipshape Program Facilitator by ensuring that participants attend all sessions.

The CFL should also be familiar with the OPNAV Physical Readiness Program Operating Guide, Guide 14: Nutrition Reference Guide, and Guide 13: Command Unit Physical Training (PT) and Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP). These guides provide information for CFLs so that Sailors who fail or are at risk of failing body composition assessment (BCA) standards or who experience unhealthy weight fluctuations (weight-cycling) even if they meet BCA standards at weigh-in can be educated on the nutrition options available to them and the requirements to choose an option. The CFL is then required to document each service member's nutrition option in the Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS).


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