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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why should I participate in the Shipshape Program?  

A: The Shipshape Program was developed based on research, industry best practices, and analysis of current trends in fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and stress management. The program is led by certified facilitators who work with you to help design individualized action plans that address the major components of nutrition, physical activity, and psychological preparedness. Facilitators guide the application of weight loss concepts into your daily living.

Q: Who can participate in the Shipshape Program?

A: Active duty and reserve military service members, beneficiaries, and government civilians who are ready to learn techniques for a healthier lifestyle, including weight loss, healthy eating, and increased physical activity.

Q: How long is the Shipshape Program?

A: The program consists of eight sessions, two online and six in-person, lasting about one hour each. Depending on the courses offered in your area and your availability, you may be able to complete the course in as little as six weeks. However, you must complete all sessions within six months from your first in-person group session. After the completion of the sessions, you are encouraged to follow-up with the facilitator on at least a monthly basis for the subsequent six months to assist in sustaining newly established lifestyle goals. Talk to your local Shipshape Program Facilitator to explore options to accommodate operational requirements.

Q: Where and when is the Shipshape Program offered?

A: Every MTF schedules their Shipshape Programs to meet the needs of their participants. Contact your local MTF for location-specific Shipshape Program information. The Shipshape Program is also provided at afloat or ashore locations subject to Shipshape Program Facilitator availability. Contact your command fitness leader (CFL) or health promotion staff to determine your Shipshape Program POC.

Q: What if a participant has to miss a session?

A: Participants should not enroll in the program if they know they will not be able to attend all of the sessions within a six-month time frame and should discuss expected absences with the facilitator before enrolling. The Shipshape Program is offered as an open enrollment program, meaning that you may attend the six group sessions in any order based on availability. Check with your local CFL or health promotion staff to determine the courses available near you and how to register for various sessions to fit your schedule. Participants must show completion of the first and final online sessions and all six group sessions in order to receive credit for completing the program. To help you keep track of your participation, the Shipshape Program Passport is available to you.

Q: Are Shipshape Program Facilitators required to attend the Shipshape Program Facilitator Training?

A: All primary Shipshape Program Facilitators must complete the NMCPHC Shipshape Program Facilitator Training before they conduct program sessions. Guest speakers do not have to be certified Shipshape Program Facilitators; however, the program facilitator is responsible for monitoring the class content and ensuring that guest speakers receive the session materials and cover the learning objectives for that session.

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