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ShipShape Program policy provides guidance for the program and outlines the responsibilities for each party involved. The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) has named the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) as the program manager for the ShipShape Program. Each medical treatment facility (MTF) is required to provide the ShipShape Program, appoint a ShipShape Program Coordinator, and maintain an adequate facilitator staff.


  • OPNAVINST 6100.2A Health and Wellness Promotion Program
    • Outlines total DoN force implementation of health promotion and wellness programs
    • Designates BUMED as subject matter expert and primary consultant for all health and wellness promotion programs
    • Names the ShipShape Program as the Navy's approved weight management program

  • OPNAVINST 6110.1J Physical Readiness Program
    • Establishes that all personnel must meet minimum physical fitness standards for continued naval service
    • Instructs BUMED to provide management and oversight of the approved ShipShape Program
    • References Physical Readiness Operating Guides, including the Nutrition Resource Guide 14: Nutrition Reference Guide and Guide 13: Command Unit Physical Training (PT) and Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP)

  • OPNAV Nutrition Resource Guide
    • Serves as a supplement to OPNAV 6110.1J and establishes the requirement for Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) participants to select a nutrition program
    • Provides a compiled list and location of nutrition resources available to Navy members and their families, including the ShipShape Program
    • Provides guidance to CFLs to distribute the guide to FEP participants for nutrition program options 
    • Establishes the requirement for CFLs to document the nutrition program selection for each FEP participant in PRIMS

  • BUMEDINST 6110.16 ShipShape Weight Management Program
    • States that BUMED will ensure each medical region provides the ShipShape Program
    • Assigns NMCPHC as ShipShape Program Manager
    • Outlines responsibilities for medical treatment facility leadership, command fitness leaders, ShipShape Program Facilitators, primary care managers, and participants

  • BUMEDINST 6110.15 Medical Department Responsibilities for Physical Readiness Program
    • Supports OPNAVINST 6110.1J by outlining BUMED responsibilities for the Physical Readiness Program
    • States that the NMCPHC is responsible for the management of the BUMED ShipShape Weight Management Program

  • BUMEDINST 6110.13A Health Promotion and Wellness Program
    • Provides guidance for BUMED roles and responsibilities in the Navy's Health Promotion and Wellness Program
    • Names NMCPHC as the designated BUMED representative to provide centralized health promotion support services and define evidence-based best health and wellness practices for individuals, worksites, and communities
    • Authorizes NMCPHC to develop health promotion programs and products for implementation by BUMED and distribution throughout the Department of the Navy

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