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About the ShipShape Program

The ShipShape Program is the official Navy weight management program designed to assist active duty and reserve military service members, beneficiaries, and government civilians with making healthy behavior changes in order to lose weight. The six session program focuses on four essential components for weight loss: nutrition, physical activity, mindset and sleep. The program starts with participants taking an introductory self-paced online session, followed by attending four live group sessions led by a certified facilitator, and concluding with a self-paced online session. Participants must complete all sessions within six months of their first group session and will have the support and guidance from the certified facilitator throughout the program. The goal of the ShipShape Program is to equip participants with the skills and resources necessary to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

The ShipShape Program is highly recommended for active duty and reserve military service members who have failed or are at risk of failing their body composition assessment (BCA) standards or experience weight cycling or unhealthy weight fluctuations between BCA cycles (even if they meet BCA standards at weigh-in). The program presents a healthy and permanent approach to weight loss and can decrease the loss rate of active duty and reserve military service members by helping them to get back within standards, pass the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), and continue to achieve long-term weight management goals.

For More Information

Please reach out to your nearest MTF for more information.
Check out the ShipShape Program Information Brief to help you get started!

For further questions regarding the ShipShape Program please email the Program Manager at

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