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We know how to end the tobacco crisis and we can help you get the upper hand in fighting tobacco. Our resources can help you achieve and maintain a tobacco free lifestyle, including programs to help you quit smoking and dipping and understand the harm harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

Thinking about Quitting?

Here are some mobile texting programs to practice your skills before you start your quit. You’ll build skills without quitting or quit for very short periods of time in order to help you prepare to quit for good.

Ready to Quit by Text or Mobile Application

Need Other Support (Mobile Phone)?

You can sign up for encouragement, advice, and tips on healthy eating, physical activity, and weight management.

Ready to Quit by Phone?

Want to Quit Smoking?

Want to Quit Spitting, Dipping, & Chewing?

Want to Quit E-Cigarettes?

Looking for Resources or Programs to Help You Quit Tobacco?

Speak with your primary care provider, doctor, or dentist about treatment options. You can contact your local military treatment facility (MTF) Health Promotion Wellness Department for assistance.

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