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Normally, upon this command's receipt of PCS orders you will receive a Welcome Aboard Message.  Once a sponsor is assigned the sponsorship coordinator will contact you in writing by mail. If you have received PCS orders to NMRTC Okinawa and have not received a welcome aboard package, you can contact us by any of the following methods:

Command Mailing Address:
US Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan
Attn: Sponsorship Clerk
PSC 482
FPO AP 96362-1600
DSN: 646-7540
Calling from off-base: 098-971-7540
Commercial: 01181-611-746-7540

NMRTC Okinawa’s Command Ombusdman team is made up of Hikaru Gray, Aya Espiritu, and Kelly Rockwood. Their mission is to serve you with the highest standards of professionalism, patience, reliability, and confidentiality. They have information on the many aspects of living on Okinawa, as well as resources on military and family life.

​Contact Information:
DSN: (315) 646-7013
From CONUS: 011-81-98-971-7013

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