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Congratulations on your selection to Naval Medical Forces Atlantic! Welcome aboard and we look forward to having you join our fine team of professionals!

Our primary mission is to exercise command, control and fiscal oversight over subordinate commands assigned; to oversee the economical and effective delivery of medical, dental, and other healthcare services provided by the healthcare facilities in our area of responsibility; to coordinate medical and dental personnel support to the full spectrum of Navy and Marine Corps combat and contingency operations as directed by the Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; and to ensure planning and preparation for disaster and contingency support within the region.

NMFL is located in Building 3, on the 13th Floor of the Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth compound.

Command Sponsorship Program

You will be assigned a command sponsor to assist in making your transfer as smooth as possible; they will be in contact with you shortly. Once contacted, be sure to address any questions or concerns with your sponsor and maintain communications with them until your arrival. If you have any issues contacting your sponsor, or need additional guidance, please email us at

Primary Sponsor Coordinator: 757-953-0665
Secondary Sponsor Coordinator: 757-953-0489

Check-In Procedures

Checking into Naval Medical Forces Atlantic may be completed by reporting during normal working hours (0730-1600, M-F) to Bldg. 3, Floor 13, 620 John Paul Jones Circle, Portsmouth VA 23708-2106. Uniform for check-in is Service Dress Blues/Whites as appropriate. After hours check-in may be initiated by contacting the Command Duty Officer at 757-240-0208.

Fleet and Family Support Center

620 John Paul Jones Circle Bldg. 249  Portsmouth, VA 23708
Phone:  757-953-7801
Monday to Friday  0700 to 1600

Child Care Options
NMRTC Portsmouth Child Development Center (CDC)

620 John Paul Jones Circle Bldg. 249, Portsmouth, VA 23708  757-953-5008; 757-953-6904
Other locations and options that are available:

•New Gosport CDC
•Scott’s Annex CDC (Shipyard)
•Child Development Homes
•Child Waiting Center
•School Age Care

***NOTE: Wait times for child care in this area may be lengthy. If you feel it is necessary to access child care outside of the CDC/CYP network,  you MAY qualify for fee assistance through the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, however restrictions do apply.  Information and resources can be found at:

Medical Services

Newly reporting personnel need to update their DEERS and Tricare enrollment for themselves and their families.  DEERS updates may be completed at the ID office in Bldg 3, Floor 9 or at the Norfolk Navy Shipyard badge office.  Tricare enrollment updates are completed in Bldg 249.  Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM) at the NMCP Family Practice Clinic in Bldg. 3, Floor 2.  Your dependents may have the opportunity to be assigned a PCM at one of the many area clinics or at NMCP.  The nearest clinic or PCM to your residence or place of business may not be available to your dependents.

Further effort to escape when safely practical is advised, or when directed by security personnel.  Only as a last resort should you attempt to neutralize the active shooter.


Inclement weather is a constant concern from June to November.  In the event of tropical storm threat to the Hampton Roads area, evacuation procedures will be published as the event approaches.  Winter storms may affect the daily commute, in these cases the Chief of Staff will determine any late reporting or closures due to inclement weather.

In all cases of natural or man-made disasters that force personnel to be dispersed from the immediate area, the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) will need to be accessed to report the location and status of all members (Military, Civilian, and Families).

Career Benefits

For Military Career information and benefits, such as C-Way, Post 9-11 GI Bill, Reenlistments, Extensions or general career information, please see the Career Counselor or career development team. 

Voting Assistance

Absentee Voting information and FAQs regarding voting registration can be found on the Federal Voting Assistance Program at:  All members (not just newly reporting) who have any questions can contact the NMFL voting officer at

Family Advocacy

 The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is designed to prevent child and spouse abuse, to intervene effectively when incidents do occur, and to promote healthy family life. Services include educational and support programs and counseling.  Experience shows that the FAP can be tremendously effective in serving families.
Reports of child abuse, child neglect, and spouse abuse are referred to Family Advocacy social workers located at: Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth; Boone Branch Medical Clinic; and Oceana Branch Medical Clinic. Upon receiving a report, the social worker provides any needed emergency services, notifies the service member’s command of the allegations, and schedules an interview with the service member and other involved family members.

Pastoral Care

Individual Pastoral assistance is available by visiting the NMCP Chapel in Bldg. 3, Floor 2. Pastoral services may be referenced by visiting

Legal Services

The Norfolk Legal Assistance Office is open 0800-1630 Monday through Friday at 9620 Maryland Ave, Suite 201 Norfolk, VA 23511.  Clients are seen by an attorney by appointment only (757-341-4470).  Powers of attorney as well as a notary public are available at the Naval Medical Center Legal Department, Monday – Friday 0800-1630, located in Bldg. 1, 3rd Floor.

Physical Readiness

The Commander is a staunch advocate of the Navy’s Physical Readiness Testing and Weight Standards Program. The announcement for the semi-annual PRT will take place 10-12 weeks before the actual PRT date, which is scheduled twice annually. Anyone failing any portion of the test will be placed on a remedial program until the a passing score has been achieved.  Gained personnel are expected to arrive in standards and will need to complete the PFA upon check, if not already completed prior to transfer from your previous command. Remember, physical fitness should not be just a twice a year event, but a lifestyle.  For further information, contact the command CFL.

Civilian Payroll

NMFL employees can access payroll within the Navy ERP website
M8 staff will perform over the shoulder training within 5 days of checking on board to all civilian and military timekeeping certifiers.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The NMFL Commander fully supports the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and encourages maximum use of the skills of every Navy employee.  Command initiatives to implement these principles are strongly encouraged to achieve EEO goals to (1) accord equal opportunity and treatment to all DON employees and applicants regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or genetic information; (2) develop and implement affirmative employment programs designed to achieve a workforce which is reflective of our national workforce; and (3) create a workplace free from discriminatory practices, including sexual harassment, and ensure discrimination complaint procedures are in place to provide adequate counseling and timely processing of all complaints.

Human Resource

NMFL employees can access MyBiz within the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) to obtain their personal employment information at

Civilian Benefits

 NMFL employees can access personal benefits information at Civilian Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)

Contract Employees

Non-personal services contract employees working at NMFL are valued members of our team. However, due to the fact that you are a non-personal services contract employee, how you receive direction regarding your duties and how issues/concerns are addressed are handled differently from military and civil service employees.  Issues or concerns should be addressed directly with the contract company you are employed with.  Your duties are described in your contract and you generally are not directed nor supervised by NMFL staff. All supervision and direction regarding your duties comes from your contract company employer.  Non-personal services contract employees are however required to comply with all safety, physical security, information security (PII, PHI, HIPAA), force protection/anti-terrorism, equal opportunity, required training courses, and other relevant policies while working at NMFL.

Standards of Conduct

Naval service or employment is a public trust and requires all DON personnel to place loyalty and fidelity to the United States, to DON, to ethical principles, and to the law above private gain or personal interest.  To that end, DON personnel will:

  • Know the scope of their authority and not exceed it.
  • Be generally familiar with the statutory prohibitions that apply to their conduct.
  • Not take or recommend any action known or believed to be in violation of United States laws, or applicable directives, instructions, or regulations.
  • Consult designated ethics officials or counselors when the propriety of a proposed course of action or decision is in doubt.
  • Avoid any action, whether or not specifically prohibited, that results in or reasonably can be expected to create the appearance of –
    • Using public office for private gain
    • Giving preferential treatment to any person or entity
    • Impeding government efficiency or economy
    • Losing independence or impartiality
    • Making a government decision outside official channels
    • Return adversely affecting the confidence of the public in the integrity of the government

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