Naval Medical Forces Atlantic (NMFL) Regional Inspector General: Carolyn Medina 

NMFA Regional Deputy Inspector General: Carolyn Talley
Telephone number (757) 953-5565 | DSN 377-5565 | Fax: (757) 953-3053
E-mail address:

Welcome to Navy Medicine East (NME) IG Hotline official website. This homepage describes Navy Medicine East's IG Hotline Program and is to be used as a tool for information dissemination. It is an integrated system-wide approach for fostering commitment to ethical principles and institutional values and compliance with applicable laws & regulations. Fostering commitment to ethical principles requires integrity. The term integrity refers to conduct that meets ethical & institutional standards regardless of whether a law requires such conduct. Compliance means acting in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and other explicit legal guidelines.

Our Mission :

  • To inspect, investigate and maintain a hotline program that offers a confidential means for reporting vital information.

  • Combat fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement within NME's Area of Responsibility (AOR) and to function on the basis of trust, integrity, and respect.

  • As such, all are encouraged to report matters involving fraud, waste, abuse and or mismanagement and assist in combating fraud, waste, abuse and or mismanagement.

Our Vision:

  • To be recognized as the benchmark practice for all hotline programs to emulate with the highest standards of integrity, ethical behavior and organizational governance.

We will achieve our mission and vision through our Guiding Principles : WE WILL…

  • Implement an effective, consistent, independent and appropriate process for receiving, reviewing, investigating, documenting and resolving incidents that potentially violate established policies or practices, rules and regulations without reprisal or retaliation to any individual.
  • Provide an avenue for anyone to raise a concern regarding any facility within NME's AOR. Retaliation against complainants will not be tolerated.
  • Implement incentive programs for awarding and recognizing staff members who identify ways to reduce fraud, waste, abuse and or mismanagement of resources.

Performance Measures / Indicators for measuring our Hotline Program effectiveness:‚Äč

  • Return on Investment
  • Monetary benefits gained or recovered throughout work to improve program efficiency
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