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We support readiness by providing deployable medical systems, high-quality eyewear and ophthalmic devices, and fleet logistical solutions.



We will be Navy Medicine’s premiere integrated medical logistics support activity.


  • SAFETY: We have the responsibility of providing sea and shore based medical logistics solutions to the warfighters. Collectively, we will maintain safe working conditions by promoting a positive attitude towards safety, holding each other accountable to strict adherence to policies and procedures, and constantly scanning for opportunities to improve workplace safety. We must never forget that everyone plays a vital role in our mission success.
  • COMMUNICATION: Clear communication is the cornerstone of any successful organization. We will actively incorporate all forms of communication mediums to ensure information is shared across the enterprise. Every staff member and customer must feel comfortable and empowered to provide honest feedback on our performance. Always remember, some of the best ideas do not emanate from leadership but percolate up from the deck plates.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism is one of the key attributes that enables the military to be effective in any situation. Be proud of who we are and what we do each and every day supporting the war fighter. Our professional and personal conduct must be above reproach. Know your job and continually strive to hone your knowledge, skills, abilities, and qualifications while simultaneously supporting your teammates to grow and thrive alongside you. Strive to be a little better each day.
  • INTEGRITY: Trust and respect for one another regardless of rank or position are imperative for a positive workplace culture. . If you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to admit it and notify your chain of command. Working together, we have the opportunity to turn mistakes into valuable opportunities to learn and grow as a command. We are all leaders and ambassadors of trust and honesty.
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