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U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU) SOUTH, previously known as NAMRU-6, researches and monitors various infectious diseases with military and public health implications in Central and South America. Its research areas encompass malaria, dengue fever, diarrheal diseases, sexually transmitted infections, and monitoring antimicrobial resistance.
Since 1983, NAMRU SOUTH has maintained a long-standing agreement with the Peruvian Navy, operating at the Peruvian Navy’s flagship hospital base in Callao and the Naval Clinic base in Iquitos, Peru. These laboratories were built at the invitation of the Peruvian Navy to address shared health science research interests. NAMRU SOUTH has another small laboratory located at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras.
The mission of NAMRU SOUTH in Peru ensures the readiness and health of U.S. service members and Peruvian national partners through health sciences research, infectious disease monitoring, medical approaches to decrease risk of infectious diseases, and health engagement. 
To ensure the readiness and health of U.S. service members, our Peruvian national partners, and global stakeholders through biomedical research, infectious disease surveillance, medical countermeasure testing and evaluation, and global health engagement.


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