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Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson
Technical Director

Ben Lawson has 27 years of experience in Navy and Army laboratories. He is an expert on spatial orientation, especially vestibular-tactile psychophysics, illusions of self-motion, motion/ simulator sickness, and motion-induced drowsiness. He also has published on psychomotor coordination, situation awareness, auditory perception, cognitive performance, mishap analysis, human factors, pharmacological countermeasures, survey scales, teamwork, and technology transition. In addition to his research, he has transitioned materiel products and military standards. Dr. Lawson has served on military executive steering boards, program review panels, and international committees. He has chaired a multi-lab research portfolio, an IRB, and an SRB. He has served as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Human Factors, and Military Medicine, and on editorial and advisory boards for books, symposia, and journals. Dr. Lawson’s honors include the Navy’s Meritorious Civilian Service medal and the Army’s Superior Civilian Service medal.

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