2020 Blue H Surgeon General’s Announcement   


The Blue-H Navy Surgeon General's Health Promotion and Wellness Award guides, encourages and rewards the promotion of health in Navy and Marine Corps organizations. This annual award is available at three levels: Bronze Anchor, Silver Eagle and Gold Star.

CY2021 Submission Instructions - Submit 1-31 Jan 2022: If you need more time, please request before the deadline. Keep in mind we need time to review all packages in a timely manner so please do not delay.


Blue H Basic Information for all commands:

    • Tips on preparing for the Blue H throughout the year (Pending)
    • Instructions: Details on what is needed to apply and why.
    • Review Sheet: Please use to verify your package is complete before sending.
    • Blue H Address and POC form: This is required from each command to help with correct command names, addresses and allow for multiple point of contacts.
    • Coach contact information: To reach volunteers from each command type who can provide valuable information on how to prepare and apply, please email Blue H Program Manager
    • Blue H CAC-Enabled website: All documents will be uploaded to this site and email no longer required! Do not even have to ask for access!
    • The signed Navy Surgeon General formal announcement will be relayed via Blue H News and placed on this webpage when received.
    • Your Blue H pennant (if not received by your command in a prior year) and your annual Blue H streamer will be mailed to each winning command.
  • 2021 Marine Corps Command: Marine Corps Commands and Marine Corps Reserve Units, other than Semper Fit Centers This award encourages and rewards excellence in Navy workplace primary prevention policies, activities and outcomes within Marine Corps commands.


  • 2021 Medical Command For Active Duty Medical Treatment Facilities Note: Medical Battalions, occupational health clinics, small patient-care centers and stand-alone dental health clinics/commands may apply using the MEDICAL or FLEET or MARINE CORPS Command criteria. The MEDICAL criteria are appropriate ONLY if the application is based on community-level health, patient primary prevention services AND staff health. The Fleet Criteria and Marine Corps Command Criteria are more appropriate if the application is based solely on staff health policies and activities. This award encourages and rewards excellence in clinical primary prevention services, community health promotion, and medical staff health.


  • **NEW** Health Risk Assessment (HRA) 2.0 Instructions: This combines the Health Information Questionnaire and is much easier to gain access to. You also no longer need to request access!


  • CY2022 Materials (Available Jan 2022)


    • 2022 Blue H Instructions
    • 2022 Blue H FLEET Criteria Worksheet
    • 2022 Blue H Marine Corps Command Criteria Worksheet
    • 2022 Blue H SEMPER FIT Health Promotion Criteria Worksheet
    • 2022 Blue H MEDICAL Criteria Worksheet


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