Relationships & Intimacy

For service members who have been wounded, ill, or injured, the resulting changes in daily life functions as well as added life stressors may cause changes in relationships, both emotionally and physically. Relationships are part of our everyday life, and are at the center of every interaction with our environment. How we perceive our world and those around us strongly influences how we interact and function in a host of settings including home life, work, social life, and medical care.

Intimacy is often a challenge when faced with physical and emotional changes. Reestablishing intimacy after a wound, injury, or illness can be compounded by physical disability, pain, distress, and stress-related disorders. Injuries or illness that may affect a person's ability to be sexually intimate can negatively impact their self-image and result in the service member questioning their identity. Also, medications used to treat various illnesses and injuries may affect mood, energy level and behavior. Overcoming these challenges requires education, effort and understanding.


Additional Information and Tools

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