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OEM Radiation Health is the technical support center for all US Navy medical commands and research centers that use radioactive material and provides subject matter expertise for the Navy’s Radiological System Performance Evaluation Program.

OEM Radiation Health acts in lieu of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for all licensure and inspection actions for every Navy medical treatment facility and medical research facility and three joint facilities that use radioactive material.

OEM Radiation Health provides a unique service that enables each licensee a point of contact for direct questions regarding proper use of radioactive material. This streamlines the support to each licensee and allows candid access to OEM Radiation Health in lieu of the NRC.

OEM Radiation Health ensures all licensed commands adhere to the regulations set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations.

OEM Radiation Health provides services to joint commands that are issued permits under the Navy’s Master Material’s License.

OEM Radiation Health oversees the Radiological System Performance Evaluation Program involving the assessment of all radiology imaging modalities. This includes the development and maintenance of a program technical manual as well as personnel qualification standards.

  • Radiological System Performance Evaluation Program
    • Instruction (BUMEDINST 6470.22A)
    • Manual (NMCPHC TM 6470.03)
    • MQSA Guidance
      • Mammography Guidance Documents: FDA, Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
      • Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff - Mammography Facility Surveys, Mammography Equipment Evaluations, and Medical Physicist Qualification Requirements under MQSA ( 13 September 2005) (105 KB)
  • Radioactive Material Permit Program
    • NMCPHC Message to Radiation Safety Officers
    • NMCPHC Information Notices
    • NMCPHC NRSC Bulletin’s
    • NRMP Audit Guides
    • Radioactive Material Transportation Regulations

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