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Global Health Operations (GHO) establishes military-to-military and civilian international partnerships to build interoperability with a global scope.  GHO actively seeks out new Global Health Security Cooperation opportunities to identify and help mitigate disease risk to deployed personnel.  GHO's mission includes implementation of comprehensive vector control programs, prevention of pathogen exposure, development of public health course curricula for building host-nation capability and custom climate resilience in low resource environments. 

Active Projects

  • Expanding mosquito surveillance in West Africa Leveraging Africa Malaria Task Force (AMTF) Entomology Hub in Ghana
  • Development of an Expeditionary Operational Entomology Research Capability in Strengthening Ghana’s National Malaria Control Program and Support Building Other AMTF Partner Nation Malaria Control Capacity
  • Determining the Threat of Detection-Resistant Malaria and Arboviruses on Hispaniola
  • GATOR DAWN – An international entomological field training exercise and subject matter expert exchange

Training Topics

  • Operational Pest Management Equipment
  • Pesticide Safety and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Disease Vector Impact, Biology, and Identification
  • Pest Surveillance and Management
  • Arbovirus Prevention and Management
  • Malaria Prevention and Management
  • Military Uniform Treatment


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