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Mission and Vision

The mission of NEPMU-7 is to protect and preserve force health readiness through provisions of theatre-wide preventive medicine support to Navy and Marine Corps forces, joint and combined military operations, and allied governments when directed by higher authority. Our vision is that NEPMU-7 is the first choice for public health solutions in EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM. NEPMU-7 has been working in AFRICOM and EUCOM for 50 years, however, it was disestablished in 2006. As the theatres of operation have evolved, a recognized need for local public health services led the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center to reestablish NEPMU-7 in 2013. NEPMU-7 is currently located in Rota, Spain and is prepared to provide both routine and emergent public health support as required to forces in the region.

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