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Member appears depressed

Noticeable sadness
Isolation from others
Change in personal appearance
Loss of energy
Appears tired/exhausted
Irritable mood
Apathy/loss of interest
Displays of poor judgment
Change in work performance
Statements of excessive guilt
Expresses hopelessness (e.g., nothing will ever change)
Engages in unsafe behaviors
Know the warning signs of depression
Ask person if they want to talk
Inquire about specific life stressors
Ask directly about how you can be supportive
Ask directly about thoughts or feeling of suicide
Communicate that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness
Address barriers to seeking help when appropriate
Encourage referral to mental health, if indicated
Inform the person that effective treatments are available and are in their best interest
Listen to coworkers who may have concern about the unit member’s psychological state
Educate on increased risk for workplace mishaps.  Take steps to ensure safety at the work place, especially if focus/concentration is a concern.
Concern over suicide
Threats or comments of suicide
Vague threats of suicide (i.e., "I won’t be here any more.")
Ask the person directly if they are thinking about suicide
Seek assistance from medical and mental health
Suicide is not an immediate concern but depression impacts work performance
Decreased interest in work
Sad mood at the work place
Decreased work performance
Coming to work late/appears tired
Change in socialization
Uniform does not appear neat/ poor appearance
Does not meet deadlines
Appears irritable
Engages less frequently in social interactions
Difficulty with work-peer relations
Talk with the person and express your concerns
Ask what support is needed
Encourage person to self-refer to FFSC or Mental Health
If member refuses self-referral, consider Commander Directed Evaluation (CDE).  Contact the mental health for information.
Other concerns over safety
Recent workplace mishaps
Engages in reckless behavior
Safety concerns at the workplace
Increased consumption of alcohol
Modify work environment or duty assignment if necessary
Counsel person on proper safety practices
Consider CDE if concerned that risky behavior is related to a mental disorder



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