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The Navy Leader’s Guide for Managing Sailors in Distress was a project of the Department of the Navy (DoN) Interagency Fitness and Wellness IPT in 2004 and 2005. This is an updated edition (2012) of the original Navy Leader's Guide.

  • Navy Leader’s Guide Project Manager: Dr. Mark LongNMCPHC - Portsmouth
  • Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Team: Ms. Jennifer Barber, Dr. Mark Long, Ms. Brandi Alford
  • Editor: Ms. Jennifer Barber
  • Reviewer: Ms. Sharon Thompson
  • Website Design and Development: Mr. Jason Gay
  • IT Support: Mr. Jason Gay, Mrs. Mariah Dukes
  • Contributing Authors: LTJG Samanda Bryant, LCDR Bonnie Chavez, Mr. Brett Darnell, LT Nicholas Guzman, Captain Kevin Kennedy, LT James Keener, Mr. Charles Kerekes, Dr. Janet L'Abbe, Ms. Kimberly Lahn, CAPT Lori Laraway, Dr. Mark Long, CDR Lisa McWhorter, Ms. Javan Owens, Mr. Ron Pritchard, LT Matthew Rariden, Ms. Rose Riggs, Ms. Cindy Stewart, Ms. Diana Strock, Ms. Kathy Turner, CDR Andrew Vaughn, Ms. Sally Vickers, Dr. Richard Westphal, Captain, NC Retired

View the acknowledgements for the original version of The Navy Leader's Guide here



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