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Relax - Relax

The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Health Promotion and Wellness Department is pleased to bring you this relaxation toolkit. It is designed for use by our Sailors and Marines who would like to reduce stress through deep relaxation and to optimize performance. The toolkit contains several sections and each one focuses on a different form of relaxation. The Introduction page explains how to get started. The intent of this tool is to promote the philosophy of Withstand, Recover and Grow to keep our Sailors and Marines mentally and physically prepared for challenges and to improve resilience. The techniques may be used individually or in combination with other medical treatments or counseling. If you are receiving medical care, please make your provider is aware of the relaxation methods you plan to use. The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center’s Health Promotion and Wellness Department in conjunction with BUMED’S Wounded, Ill, and Injured Team members, wish to express our gratitude and thanks to all those individuals, universities and organizations who have shared their relaxation, meditation and mindfulness resources with us. Without you, this endeavor would not be possible...
                               Breathing Muscle Relaxation  Mediation     
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