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  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing - Dr. Allan Vives, Georgia Southern University ( Read More, 9:15 Mins, 12.6MB)
  2. Deep Breathing Techniques - Lateef Khursheed, MS, CHES, Navy Marine Corps Public Health Center ( Read More, 12:59 Mins, 15.2MB)
  3. Calm Breathing - Karin Thompson, PhD; Karen Hubbard, PhD; C. Laurel Franklin, PhD, Veterans Administration, South Central MIRECC ( Read More, 6:35 Mins, 6.1MB)
  4. Deep Breathing II- Dr. Prentiss Price, Georgia Southern University ( Read More, 7:30 Mins, 10.3MB)
  5. Breathe Easy - Campus Health Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ( Read More, 6:30 Mins, 5.95MB)
  6. Breathing for Relaxation - Melissa Fallon, Counseling Center, State University of New York, Oneonta ( Read More, 5:40 Mins, 6.5MB)
  7. Breathing Relaxation Exercise 4-6-8 - Jason Sackett, University of Southern California ( Read More, 2:33 Mins, 2.9MB)
  8. Deep Breathing- University Mary Washington ( Read More, 5:24 Mins, 4.94MB)
  9. Deep Breathing Relaxation Sample 5 - Kansas State University ( Read More, 1:29 Mins, 1.36MB)
  10. Stress and Relaxation: Quick Fix Breathing Exercise - Dr David Peters, Mental Health Foundation( Read More, 4:50 Mins, 3.4MB)
  11. Deep Breathing I - Dr. Jodi Caldwell, Georgia Southern University ( Read More, 6:45 Mins, 9.27MB)
  12. Revive Yourself: Energizing Breath - Community Wellness, MIT Medical( Read More, 3:30 Mins, 6.42MB)

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