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Picturing ourselves relaxing is something that often brings a smile to our faces. There is a reason for this. The reduction of anxiety, anger, stress and insomnia are all possible benefits of using relaxation techniques. These strategies when used regularly can enhance psychological and physical health, as well as improve performance in athletics and at work. Notable benefits include – clear thinking, increase in energy level, and a decrease in restlessness. Are you ready to begin?

So, how do you choose a technique? Consider starting with the breathing techniques. Slowing down and managing your breathing has immediate and positive effects as it helps with focusing and relaxing. Often, breathing techniques may be used anytime, anywhere.

From that point, try several of the deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery and meditation exercises. Find a couple of strategies that you enjoy. Begin using them each day or even several times daily so that you become relaxed quickly and completely. Once you have mastered one or two of them, then you may consider adding another technique or two from the combination or advanced strategies section.

Add progressive muscle relaxation techniques if you find you have tight and tense muscles. Tensing and releasing your muscles leads to a state of decreased muscle tension. Imagery and meditation are additional options that you may prefer to get rid of the mind chatter. Developing your relaxation skills takes practice. Soon you may find that you do not feel as fatigued by the end of the day and your mood improves. Starting with the breathing techniques then moving to the progressive muscle relaxation, imagery or meditation is very helpful and is a powerful approach to staying calm. Time to get started…

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