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Welcome to the ShipShape Program! We recognize there are a number of different approaches you may select for weight loss, and we are confident the strategies and techniques presented in the ShipShape Program will provide you with all the tools you need to achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.

Participants attend eight sessions that provide information, motivation, guidance, and support to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle modifications. The first session is a self-paced online session and introduces you to the ShipShape Program and the foundations of weight management. Then, you will attend six in-person group sessions led by a certified facilitator who will cover areas including, basic nutrition and physical activity, setting goals, strategies for weight loss, creating supportive environments, psychology of weight loss and stress management, and current weight loss trends. Finally, you’ll take a concluding online self-paced session to complete the course. You are encouraged to follow up with your facilitator after session and course completion for continued support and tracking.

It is the responsibility of each participant to commit to participating in the program and to discuss his or her weight loss goals and concerns with the ShipShape Program Facilitator. Participants can be referred to the ShipShape Program by command fitness leaders (CFLs), primary care providers, or can self-refer based off of a personal decision to improve weight management skills.

Once you commit to participating in the ShipShape Program, the link below will provide you with a list of additional resources that may be helpful for each session of the program:

Want to Participate in the ShipShape Program?

Contact your local medical treatment facility (MTF), CFL, or health promotion staff member(s) for your ShipShape Program point of contact.

Comments or general questions can be emailed to the ShipShape Program Manager at:

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