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The purpose of the Navy Leader's Guide for Managing Sailors in Distress is to help Leaders recognize distress related behaviors, provide support to Sailors within the unit, and collaborate with Navy helping agencies to meet the needs of distressed individuals.

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The information presented in the guide is valuable for Leaders at all levels including:

  • Commanding Officers
  • Command Master Chiefs
  • Department Heads
  • Division Officers
  • Chiefs

The Navy Leader's Guide aims to assist in the decision-making process by describing a broad range of supportive interventions, resources, and strategies for supporting Sailors in distress and also provides guidance on effective communications with Navy helping personnel.

The Guide is focused on assisting Leaders employ awareness and intervention strategies before a Sailor has reached the threshold of debilitating distress, as indicated by emotional and behavioral difficulties, alcohol or substance abuse, violence or behaviorally linked accidents. It provides guidance to leaders on giving psychological support to individuals across the stress continuum, from a healthy and prevention status, to navigating stress to a severe level of distress.

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